Tentacles & Chain

Tentacles and Chain is my gift to you, my readers. It started out as a short story inspired by an image someone shared on my friend Shira's Mer-Cave Facebook page. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Tentacles and Chain only ended up being 32,000, but when the plot bunny bit, it bit hard and I had to write it  :)

Trellen is a young, adventurous Cetacean--a merman--who is forever disregarding his Elders' warning and venturing out beyond the great reef wall that protects their colony in the Indian Ocean. The last thing he ever expects is to become the object of desire for an Unspeakable One, a monster who lives beneath the sunlit waters, in a region of the sea known as the Below. 

Brought to dark cave against his will, Trellen is given an impossible choice: submit to the Unspeakable One's desires or remain in a cage forever. If he accepts, he may find a means of escape--but to submit himself to the monster means having his body and soul corrupted forever. No matter what he chooses, he'll never see his home again. 

This story contains themes of very dubious consent. It contains lots of explicate on the page sex between a virgin merman and his male captor. There's a bit of pain-play and a splash of BDSM. But hopefully, you know me well enough to know it also contains a happy ending, because I wouldn't write it any other way. Just for the record, mermen aside, this is a fantasy. Please do not try this at home, boys and girls. In real life, stalking is creepy. 

Starting on July 5, 2014, I will be posting a chapter a week on my blog (on the "home" page). If you missed a chapter (or more) of Tentacles and Chain, you can find them HERE.

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