Thursday, February 22


I am (slowly) rebooting my life. Well. My artistic life. My personal life went and rebooted itself last fall when my daughter was diagnosed with mental illness (she's doing much better now; once she got on the meds, she realized she needed them, which is a HUGE step!) -- and right after THAT settled down, my mother in law fell ill (cancer; still dealing with all of it, but fingers and toes crossed, Mom isn't going anywhere, any time soon!)

Oh and let's not even TALK about LAST November. Oy. I was gearing up to get things together (with, like, actual progress and everything) and...well.... I'm working very hard right now to step away from Social Media except for the purposes of marketing and promotion. 

And, speaking of marketing and promotion....

I'll be there primarily promoting my Artwork, but always love talking to readers (besides, it looks like a LOT of fun -- May 17, St. Andrew's Hall, 7pm.

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