Tuesday, November 3

NaNoWriMo 2015

Yep, it's official, I'm doing NaNo this year, hoping a little "forced deadline" (and a fun little PWP story) will help jar the clogged creativity loose (just in case y'all hadn't noticed a distinct lack of activity! Yikes, it's been bad. But I had a lot of fun when I was writing Tentacles and Chain, so maybe--hopefully--writing something else that's not really plot heavy, just sexy fun, will turn out to be what I need right now.)
The last couple of months have simply been draining, emotionally and mentally. Going back to work has both helped (money is good!) and hindered (except when it's not so good.) Ironically, I actually end up getting more writing done on days when I have to go in--having that external pressure seems to kick things into gear for me.
But....the wonderful Sarah Madison posted this on her Facebook page, and I think I'm going to try employing some of this writing strategies, not just this month, but every month and see if I can't get things back into gear, because there is something supremely frustrating about having three almost-done books, but nothing actually complete.
So...what is my NaNo novel about? It's a story I've had kicking around for a while, about bird-shifters. One is a white raven, the other a black swan. Sadly, I lack the photoshop skills to tweak this guy, but other than not having the white-blond hair and odd eyes (one green, the other blue) *this* guy is the perfect Ollie (my lost little white raven who was essentially sold by his parents to a rat-shifter pimp when he was 13 and has been turning tricks on the street since he was too young to legally write about.)

from 123 RF; ID # 20572817
And this guy is the picture perfect Lawrence "Kit" Vescovi, a black swan who owns/operates a horse ranch in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
from 123 RF; ID #33322071
Kit has a soft spot for lost souls, but the only way to rescue Ollie is to buy his contract, which in effect makes Ollie his, body and soul, to do with as he pleases. He doesn't intend to use Ollie, but it's hard to resist the beautiful young man's charms, especially when Ollie shares some of Kit's more...exotic sexual interests... (hint: BDSM ahead!)

All I need to do *now* is come up with a working title....and of course finish the darned thing!

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