Friday, April 17


*pokes head out*  

Anybody still here?

*sheepish look*

Yeah. It's been too long. 
I mean way too long.
I mean much longer than my previous vanishing acts.

Part of that is the longer I stayed away, the harder it was to come back, so there was this viscous circle thing going on in my head as I decided, "okay, I'll come back for THIS" and this passed and then "okay, Spring Equinox is a good time" and well, that was was last month.

And now I just looked and saw how many awesome comments there were on posts that I never even looked at.


I hope a few of you are still here. I promise to work really, really hard and do better. I'll even put out a news letter before I head out of town, early next month.

Okay, so here's the (more or less) excuse-free skinny:
For reasons I don't fully understand, Winter gets to me. I know. That seasonal thing, right? I'm sure that's part of it. But this year I didn't feel so much depressed as overwhelmed. It was 

And death. And I know, that was way back in January, because I blogged about it. But sometimes the mourning process is weird. 

There's been some additional *stuff* as well, most of which doesn't even begin to bear going into at right this very moment, but the short version is that I let it get to me more than I should have. Some of it is personal stuff, some is political world stuff. 

And let's be honest. I'm the queen of procrastination!  

So here's the short version of what's going on NOW:

I'm at about the 80K point of the billionth revision of Dillon and Andi. The first half or so of that is in the hands of a beta reader. 

Because I needed a bit of a break (and because I was up to submit to my critique group and didn't want one more opinion on Dillon and Andi), I started something new. I just tipped past the 30K mark last night. 

I'm hoping to have that finished AND he completed manuscript for Dillon and Andi in two beta readers' hands before I head out of town for the huge Family Reunion** over Mothers' Day weekend. And my newsletter out. 

**Family Reunion is not so secret code for big Gardnerian Shindig      ;-)
Not only won't have Internet access, but I'm running the kitchen (with my 
awesome husband) and cooking for a little over  30  people.  Which really 
isn't as impressive as it sounds. Hubby routinely cooks 2000 meals per day,
all to order, at his job. 

I also solemnly promise to go back to regular blogging. I definitely have some things to say.  :)  

Wow. I guess that really wasn't so painful. Okay, time to hit the big orange button and get back to work! 


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update, we were all kinds wondering where ya went. Have fun at the reunion.

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Thank you, Kathy! I'm trying really hard to do better about not vanishing on folks :)