Saturday, January 10

Tentacles and Chain--we have a technical problem

Okay guys, here' the skivvy: if you've been following the tale of my computer woes on Facebook, you know that Word is f*cking up my machine (causing freezes.)

*NONE* of my copies of Tentacles and Chain are accessible. Six hard restarts later, I'm throwing in the towel. (Every time I try to open up *any* of the copies of T&C, Word freezes up my entire machine making my only option a hard restart. I even tried uploading it to Dropbox and downloading it from there, only to have everything freeze up when I tried to open the downloaded copy.)

The good news is that I do have a physical copy, so I can and will re-type the last chapter--the previous chapters are all archived here (thank the gods). But that's not going to happen today. Hopefully by next weekend. (Today, I'm thinking a book and nice cup of tea. Preferably spiked.)

Several really awesome computer people have given me a number of great ideas to try--unfortunately, I lack the computer skills to open up my laptop and try them and I seriously don't have the money to take it in (even though the machine is less than 2 years old, Best Buy, is...hmmmm....less than helpful? That's where we got it. They want $200 to back up the data and another $300 to buy a "repair plan" which is the only way they'll be able to fix it--and no, the fact that it's practically brand new doesn't help. Computers are "out of date" within the first year, they tell me. Sorry, this girl can't afford a new laptop every 12 months.) I'm told, by my awesome computer-y friends that is really a great machine and if what they think is the problem really is the problem, it's just one of those stupid hardware issues that can happen to any computer (loose ram thingy), but at the moment, I'm a little frustrated. It's a $700 computer; I expected better.  

At any rate, today it's tea and reading, tomorrow it's dinner with friends, next week, I'll try to type in the last chapter of T&C and have it up as soon as it's done.

Thanks for reading and I promise not to take too long on the last chapter.

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