Tuesday, January 20

Happy birthday....

As many of you may know, thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, my birthday was last Saturday. I went to a funeral. That's not actually quite as depressing as it sounds. It was sad, but with friends old and new, I was able to celebrate the life of one of the kindest, big-hearted, wonderful old curmudgeons I've ever known. He will always be in my heart, and in the hearts of so many other people whose lives he touched.

The first time I got back on FB after getting the call
that Kirk was gone, I saw this--this is SO him.  :)
It's an odd thing; we didn't see one another frequently. He was a bigger home body than me, and that, my friends is scary, but he was always there. Having him not there is...hard. It's hard on other people. On his partner, his friends (the ones who saw him more frequently than me.) It's hard on his four-footed children who don't have the capacity to understand why he's not there anymore. 

His passing has reminded me how important it is to tell the people we love that we love them (something I was able to say to Kirk, and for which I am grateful--grateful not only that I had the opportunity, but that I had the good sense to take it, something I haven't always done in the past). 

Although the last few weeks have taken a toll on my creativity (he happened to be ill with basically the same thing my character Dillon's former partner died of), I'm feeling the Muses start to move again and hope to spend the rest of the month finishing up Dillon and Andi. Thankfully, I have an awesome, understanding publisher. 

I'm also starting in on a new non-fiction project. Or rather, an old non-fiction project. Although it's completely unrelated to anything here, but I'm hoping some of you might be interested anyway. Last year at ConVocation (a large pan-Pagan conference here in SE Michigan), I taught a class that went over very well. Essentially, this is my take on the runes--and I'm hoping that a) I have something useful to add to the volume of knowledge we already have on the runes and that b) I'll be able to raise enough money to allow me to indulge in other creative ventures over the summer (as well as continuing to write steamy hot m/m romance, of course!)

I plan to keep on track with my New Year's "resolution" to write Derrik and Palo's story this year as well as at least two more. I'm planning to turn Dillon and Andi in on Feb. 15; they're nearly done, but I want some time to go back and hammer out a few last details before submitting it. (And of course I have that short story coming out in Feb, too!)

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