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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 20)

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Chapter Twenty

The sand was cool under his skin, and as the water lapped up against it, hitting the empty shore with a sure and steady rhythm like a heartbeat, it glowed bright blue. It was almost bright enough to make out Master’s features.
Trellen wished… but…. He bit his lip. His only fear was never seeing the Blue again, never swimming in the open sea. Hadn’t his Master just brought him to the open sea and let him swim unfettered? Hadn’t Master shown him something more beautiful than Trellen had ever imagined? How could I ask for more, especially tonight? He dipped his hand in the water and scooped up a handful of bright stars—they were really plankton, but that didn’t make them any less incredible.
Master hauled himself out of the water to sit next to Trellen, his tentacles creating pools and eddies of swirling blue stars. “It pleases me very much to see you so happy.”
Trellen smiled. It would be so easy…. I fear never seeing the Blue, never feeling the sunlight on my skin again. But the words wouldn’t come. Instead, he asked, “Would…would you fuck me? Here, on the sand?”
He sensed another smile—and maybe, just maybe, he saw it, as his eyes were long accustomed to darkness. Master brushed a strand of damp hair away from Trellen’s face and Trellen melted into his touch. “If that is what you wish, my sweet.”
Trellen nodded. There was nothing he wanted more than to feel his Master’s weight on top of him in a way that wasn’t possible under the waves. He wanted to be smothered, to kiss and be kissed, to taste and be tasted, to touch and be touched. He craved everything his Master gave him and so much more. Trellen leaned in and Master met his kiss halfway; he responded. It was sweet and soft and Trellen drank in his scent as it mingled with the salt-spray. He nipped at Master’s lips and Master opened to him, allowing Trellen to deepen the kiss. Allowing Trellen to control it.
Then Master wrapped one arm around Trellen’s waist and leaned in. With Master holding him tight, Trellen lowered himself to the sand, so he was lying beneath his Master. Master kissed his lips, his jaw, his neck. He kissed his way along Trellen’s collar bone and down the center of his chest. Trellen smiled and let out a soft, happy sigh. He was unrestrained and able to run his hands through his Master’s long hair, able to lift his head and kiss Master’s shoulder. Everything felt so different above the waves.
Around him millions of bright stars pooled in the soft sand while overhead millions more glittered in the dark, moonless sky. Never had a moment been so perfect.
Trellen closed his eyes and listened to the waves, to the sound of his own breath, as his Master took one hard nipple into his mouth. He nipped and sucked, and Trellen arched into the pain—the pleasure—even as his cock swelled to its full length. Master reached down and took hold if it, stroking the sensitive flesh while he transferred his attention to Trellen’s other nipple.
When Trellen felt his Master’s fingers press against his entrance, his breath caught. Master pushed in, gently, and began stretching him very, very slowly.
“Please,” Trellen breathed. “Please fuck me.”
With a soft chuckle, Master shifted, positioning himself on top of Trellen. He rested the tip of his cock against Trellen’s entrance while Trellen wriggled under him.
“Please?” Trellen repeated.
Master eased into him slowly; it was maddening. But Master seemed to take great delight in the frustration he was causing. He eased himself all the way in, then pulled out again, and waited until Trellen was whimpering, begging again, before sliding his cock back in, even more slowly than before.
Trellen let out a long low groan. “Please. More.”  
Master chuckled. “In time. Right now I want to enjoy how good you feel.”
Trellen smiled and reached up to push the wet hair away from Master’s shadowed face; he could only make out the barest outline of his features, but it was enough. “I’m yours,” he said softly. “Take me however you wish. Just understand that I’ll always want more.”
“I…,” he hesitated. “You were right to accuse me of watching you, stalking you. But the reality of you is far better than anything I had ever imagined. I only hope…I hope I please you as much as you please me.”
Trellen’s heart felt like it was going to explode at the unexpected words, the tenderness in his tone. He cupped the back of his Master’s head and drew him into a long, slow kiss.
 “I’m close, sweet,” Master said, breaking the kiss many long moments later. “Come for me. I want to feel your release.”
The words were all Trellen needed anymore. The orgasm rocked through him and he clung to his Master’s shoulders as a warm jet of cum shot between them. In nearly the same instant, he felt his Master’s release deep inside him.
Master withdrew gently and pressed a soft kiss to Trellen’s lips before scooping seawater onto his stomach, to wash off his mess. Then he gathered Trellen into his arms and they lay on the beach, watching the stars, listening to the waves lap up against the sand.
At length, Master spoke, though there was an uncharacteristic trepidation in his tone. “You asked me once to speak of myself,” he said. “I was wondering if you would return the courtesy.”
“What do you mean?” Hadn’t Master stalked him before snatching him from the Blue? Didn’t Master already know all there was to know?
“I mean only that I wish to know something about you, my sweet.”
Cold fear replaced the warmth he’d felt only a moment ago. “What…what do you want to know?”
“Only as much as you wish to tell me.” He sounded…sad?
Or perhaps simply resigned to not hearing anything.
Trellen pondered it, but he couldn’t think of a reason not to respond to his Master’s question. Master wasn’t pressing him to confide his fears.
“I…you must already know that I was never content to stay within the confines of the reef wall,” Trellen said. “The open sea…it sings to my soul.” But that was getting too close to admitting his greatest fear. Was I not only moments ago considering telling him? Only before he could find the words, Master spoke.
“It sings to my soul as well.”
Trellen blinked up at him. “But you hardly ever leave the cavern.”
 “That is because I have a good reason to remain.” He brushed his knuckles over Trellen’s cheek.
Heat rose in Trellen’s skin. Did Master mean that he was Master’s reason for staying? Or does he believe that I would flee if he left me alone for too long? Yet Master had brought him here, to this beautiful place. I am unchained. I could escape. But where would he go? Besides, Master was faster than him, stronger. If he really thought I could get away, he never would have brought me here.
 “There was a time,” Master said, drawing Trellen out of the quagmire of unhappy thoughts, “when Cetaceans roamed the Blue.”
Trellen frowned. “When?” The Elders had never spoken of such a time. Neither had his teachers or even his parents. But why would Master lie?
“It was long ago,” Master told him. “Before your parents or even your grandparents were born.”
“What happened?”
“Men came on their great leviathans. The sea changed.”
 That might explain why the Elders were so afraid of…well, everything. “Do Cepholopoda fear Men?” he wondered.
“We have a healthy respect for two-leggeds. They are dangerous—but so are we.”
Trellen nodded. Of that he had no doubt. “How do you know so much about Cetaceans?”
“That…that is a long story, my sweet. And it is a story for another time,” he added, before Trellen could ask to hear more.
Without argument, Trellen snuggled into his Master’s chest. He told Master about his mother’s smile and his father’s stern demeanor. He spoke of his four sisters and his little brother, always following him, always getting in his way. He listened when Master spoke of his younger sister, who had caused Master much the same sort of grief that Trellen’s brother caused him.
“I saw you with another male,” Master said then. “One about your own age. You often ventured outside the reef wall together.”
Trellen opened his mouth and then closed it again. How long had Master been stalking him to know about Luce? “Lucien was my best friend. He left last turning.”
“I know.”
Hope lit in his chest. “You don’t…there’s no way you would know…?” Goddess, if he could just hear that Lucien was all right—
But Master shook his head. “I did not follow him any further than the edge of my territory.” He curled a tentacle protectively—possessively—around Trellen’s waist. “He had your heart.” It wasn’t a question.
Trellen nodded anyway. “It doesn’t matter. He didn’t give me his in return.” If he had, he wouldn’t have left.
Master was quiet for so long, Trellen wondered if he’d fallen asleep. Then he spoke, his voice as soft as the breeze coming in from the sea. “I do not expect…. I require only your submission. But it is my hope that you do not hate me too much for taking you from your home.”
Trellen didn’t answer. He didn’t hate him. He wasn’t sure what he felt anymore.

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