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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 18)

Chapter Eighteen

Trellen cried out as pain exploded across his chest. In response, Master bit his nipple harder and then sucked it, making Trellen whimper and writhe. He was suspended vertically, his arms bound behind his back in what felt like an intricate lattice work of rope. A heavy chain secured the rope to the chamber ceiling, another held his tail to the chamber floor, giving him very little ability to wriggle away from the painful bites and pinches—very little ability to lean into the sweet kisses or soft caresses.
“Perhaps I should pierce these,” Master crooned, flicking one of Trellen’s enflamed nipples with his thumb and forefinger so hard Trellen gasped. “What do you think, Pretty? Would you like it if I hung little loops from your nipples? I could attach chains to them and lead you around.”
Trellen shuddered. He wasn’t sure he would like it at all.
But then Master moved his hand back to Trellen’s cock and began stroking it once more, bringing him almost instantly back to the brink of orgasm.
“Please,” Trellen begged him.
“Please what, Pretty?”
It was too hard to form words. Master had been alternating between biting and pinching—kissing and caressing—taking him just up to the edge of orgasm and then denying him for hours. Sometimes he did all three at once, pinching one of Trellen’s nipples or biting the back of his neck while he simultaneously stroked Trellen’s cock. It was like being torn in half, wanting to cry out for mercy, wanting to beg for more.
Wanting it to stop. Wanting it to go on forever.

“Tell me what you want, my Pretty,” Master crooned, as he stroked Trellen’s cock. “Tell me, and I might do it.”
Oh Goddess, please. “Please. Please fuck me. Master… I want you to fuck me. I want to come. Please.”
Master transferred his affection to Trellen’s anal slit—but that didn’t mean that the torture was over. Master had teased him there, too, caressing Trellen’s slit. Licking him there. Nipping. Fingering him slowly, caressing that spot deep inside until Trellen was sobbing, and then withdrawing, moving completely away until Trellen begged him to come back, to do whatever he wanted, just so long as Master was touching him again.
“Please fuck me,” Trellen begged again. “Please.”
Master slid one finger inside, but he didn’t touch he place Trellen most wanted him to touch. “I don’t know,” he mused slowly. “I think I could keep you like this a while longer.” He slid his finger in and out of Trellen’s channel, never touching the sweet spot, but making Trellen writhe and moan nonetheless. “I could keep you dangling for hours yet. Maybe I’ll pleasure myself. You can’t see it, but you could feel it. I could come against your back like I did once before.”
No! “Please don’t. Please fuck me. Master. Please.”
“Why? Because I promised to let you come when I fucked you?” He withdrew his hand and Trellen let out another strangled cry.
“Please. I need your cock. Please. I’ll do anything you want.”
Master chuckled; it was a sinister sound that both frightened Trellen and excited him.
“My sweet Pretty. You have no idea how much I love seeing you like this. Strung up. Helpless. Needy.” Master ran his fingertips over Trellen’s chest, avoiding his bruised, burning nipples. Trellen melted into his caress. “You are so beautiful.” He pressed a kiss to Trellen’s mouth and Trellen returned it.
When he abandoned Trellen’s mouth, many long and wonderful moments later, Master cupped his face in both hands and wrapped his tentacles around Trellen’s body. He caressed Trellen’s over-heated skin; Trellen relaxed into his grip, savoring every sweet touch. “Please,” he whispered. “Please?”
“Tell me that you belong to me,” said Master. “Tell me you’re mine and only mine.”
He didn’t hesitate. “I’m yours. I belong to you. Only you. Always you.” He leaned in, sealing his words with another feverish kiss. “I’m yours,” he repeated, then kissed his Master again as hard as he could. “Master. Please fuck me. I’m yours. Use me. Take me. Please. I belong to you. Only you. Always you.”
Master let out a fierce growl that went straight to Trellen’s cock—then without any other warning, he breached Trellen’s channel.
Trellen cried out. It burned. He wanted more. He tried to buck his hips, but his bonds didn’t allow it. All he could do was submit to his Master’s pleasure. “Please. Master, please—”
 “Soon, my sweet. I will let you come soon.”
“No. I mean…oh!” He buried his head against his Master’s shoulder as Master hit that spot deep inside him and fire shot through Trellen’s veins. “Please…my hands. Let me hold you. Please, just this once.”
For a half a second, Master seemed to lose his rhythm and Trellen feared he may have overstepped his bounds—but then the ropes loosened and fell away from his arms.
Trellen pulled both arms around his Master’s neck and held on tight, kissing him—his neck, his jaw, his mouth—while Master continued to fuck him hard. Every nerve was on fire as pleasure jolted through him. “I won’t last long,” he warned as he fisted his hands in Master’s long hair. “Please…please say I can come. Please… I… can’t….” He was so close. Holding back the orgasm was like trying to stop a typhoon. He felt his Master’s lips on his, Master’s tongue in his mouth; his kiss was savage. Strong fingers dug into his back and Trellen pushed up to meet every thrust. Goddess, how had he lived before this?
Finally he felt Master shudder, felt his release and shuddered with him, kissing Master as hard as he could, clenching his muscles tight around Master’s cock, the way Master had done for him. Master wrenched away from the kiss long enough to breathe, “now,” and then claimed his mouth once more as the orgasm rushed through Trellen’s body.  
Master held him through the violent aftershocks, feathering soft kisses to his cheek and forehead, whispering soothing words of praise. At last, when Trellen lay still against him, Master used his tentacles to release the chains, while keeping Trellen wrapped securely in his arms.
When Trellen was free of his bonds, Master gathered him up and carried him back to the bed chamber. He laid Trellen down and settled in next to him; Trellen curled up against him, seeking his Master’s chest with his lips, laying soft kisses against his cool skin. Master rubbed his shoulders and back, easing out the knots left behind by being bound for so long.
If only this could last forever.
But nothing lasted forever.


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