Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends

and a merry Thursday to everyone else!

Well, I was going to write about my amazing non-holiday holiday--but then my daughter PMed me last night and asked if we could pick her up for today.

??? I answered.

For dinner.

What was she talking about? She'd told us last week that she already had plans for the day (and that's okay with me, I was raised not to make a big fuss about holidays. If you want to see someone, you don't need a special day, you just do it. Besides, the kid is coming over on Tuesday for dinner and I AM making a big fuss of that.)

But no. Her plans had changed and my husband said she should come here for dinner. Which is awesome. Except I was planning a night of bologne and cheese sandwiches. Of course he offered to cook (you bet your sweet ass he's going to do it, too!) but there's no food in the house. (Okay, there is, but it's mostly frozen. Payday is Friday, I figured we'd survive just fine on bologne and cheese for two days. No, really, authors don't make a lot of money. Bolonge and cheese--or ramen--are staples around here.)

And I would have been totally fine with having my kid for dinner today, IF I'd heard about it sooner. You know, like with enough time to cobble together some loose change from the sofa cushions and gather up the returnables and send my husband to the store for something fit to serve company. I mean, yes, she's my kid, but still.

So a quick trip to Meijer's last nigh for a few basics and we're on our way to an ad hoc Thanksgiving Day dinner (chicken, it's easier and they're sort of like little turkeys, right??)

And I still get to spend the morning writing, which was my plan for the day. Besides, it's not like I don't have to eat dinner.

I don't do the gratitude lists--although there are many things for which I'm grateful--but this week something happened (something fairly small in and of itself) that reminded me how grateful I am for my chosen family. My brothers and sisters from other mothers. Growing up an only child, I didn't know what it was to have siblings, but for the last 20 some years, I've had been friends with one woman in particular. We weren't in constant contact (I totally missed her wedding and the birth of her son). And there were times I was a less than wonderful friend.

And there were times over the last year that were pretty rough. I'm perfectly well aware that no matter how frustratED I was, I was equally frustratING to her.

Because she's my sister. And that means we sometimes don't get along. But the woman, a few years back who expected me to drop my sister--my SISTER--and side with her...boy did she have another thing coming. Even if we'd been in the middle of the tension of the last year, I wouldn't choose anyone over this woman who has been my friend for over 20 years.

Because that's what family really is. It's not the group of people into whose midst you were born. It's the group of people who are a part of your heart and soul.

And today, I am very, very grateful for those people. For my husband, my sister, my circle of chosen kith and kin.

I'm super grateful for you guys too. I might only make enough money to afford bologne and cheese sandwiches, but I love writing and the only way I could make any money from it at all is you guys. (And I *am* exaggerating, we have a lovely stew that I made earlier in the week to get us through 'til payday, which is as much about ye Gods, I don't want to shop this week as it is about the sad state of our bank account).

So what about you? What did you do on this Thursday afternoon? 

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