Sunday, October 12

Welcome, Kim Fielding!

Kim Fielding is one of my favorite authors and I'm so happy to have her here here today. Take it away, Kim!

Hi! I'm Kim Fielding, and I have FIVE new releases available for you. That's a little overwhelming even for me. So I'm going to make that list more manageable by giving you six relevant facts.

1. Brute is my bestselling novel.

Coverartdraft2_Brute Brute won the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best Gay Fantasy, and tied for 4th for Best Gay Novel overall. In July 2014, it came out in a really terrific audiobook edition. And now it's available in a French translation! Not only that, but it will come out in Italian next year.

2. Bone Dry, the third book in the Bones series, focuses on Ery Phillips.

BoneDry_postcard_front_DSP Yes, Dylan, the hipster architect werewolf and Chris, his rustic handyman boyfriend, still feature prominently in this book. So if you've read the first two books and want to know what Chris and Dylan have been up to, your wish is fulfilled. But if you haven't read the first two books and want to jump right in for the third, you'll be fine. Also, Travis and Drew from Speechless make a cameo appearance.

3. Standby was inspired by my own airport stranding.

STRANDED-Final Cover I travel fairly often, and that means sometimes shit happens. Last year an airline screwed up royally, and as a result I spent an extra day in Iowa (which was not painful because I have a good friend there) and a lot of hours at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Which is a pretty nice airport, actually, but not where I want to spend my life. But that experience inspired my short story "Standby," which appears in the Stranded anthology. So it worked out okay.

4. The Dance is in my second anthology collaboration with Eli Easton and Jamie Fessenden.

Bones_Cover6 And this time we're joined by B.G. Thomas! All the novellas in this book--the second in the Gothika series--have vodou themes. The first book, Stitch, had a Frankenstein/created man theme. I've already completed my story for the third book, which will be about werewolves.

5. All of my royalties from The Festivus Miracle will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

festivus2 For only $1.99 you can enjoy a romantic, lighthearted holiday tale. And you can know that you're helping to support a wonderful cause. Last year I donated $3000 to Doctors Without Borders from the royalties of my self-published books. You can help me beat that total this year!

6. To celebrate all these new releases, I'm doing a Fieldingpalooza blog tour.

I have interviews, trivia, and contests, so please join me! a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway ~~~ You can learn more about Kim (and download free stories!) on her website: You can also follow her on Twitter @KFieldingWrites, Facebook at or ello @KimFielding.


Kim Fielding said...

Thanks so much for letting me visit!

Anonymous said...

*waves to Kim* I'm really excited for you and excited to read your new releases! I still have not read Brute but it's waiting for me on my computer/Nook, and I am pretty sure I preordered Bone Dry when a sale was going on the other week... So many books, so little time, but you're one of my must-buy authors so I look forward to reading when I have the chance. Haven't gotten the Gothika anthologies but as you and two of the other authors in them are among my favorites, I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the rafflecopter giveaways!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to write that it's awesome that you donate to Doctors Without Borders for your self published books. They look really interesting, too, so I'll have to pick up copies!

Kim Fielding said...

*waves back* Thanks so much, Sara! The other Gothika stories are really terrific. I'm so lucky to be in the company of some of my favorite authors! And it always makes me feel good to donate to DWB.