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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 16)

oops...I totally let the last couple of weeks get away from me!  October is not typically this insane of a month, but suddenly, I'm finding myself a total social butterfly. I have NO idea how that happened. Anyone who knows me at all knows how contented I am sitting in the warm safety of my own four walls...

But here I am. Going out, hanging with friends, and generally being a part of the community. It's not a bad thing, but it means I need to a) keep my calendar up to date so I don't forget stuff and b) make some extra time to keep up on things like my blog!

So here you go, the next chapter of Tentacles and Chain; I'll be updating the archive site later on today in case you missed a chapter and don't feel like scrolling back through the last couple of blog posts to find it (although all of T&C's chapters are tagged, which should help in finding them).

Chapter Sixteen

Trellen’s heart stopped at the sound of his Master’s voice. “I’m sorry.” Master had never said he wasn’t allowed to touch him. But he never lets me do it, either. “I didn’t mean…I only….” I want to see you. He just wasn’t willing to pay the price.
“No apologies necessary, Pretty.” The warmth in Master’s tone chased away the burgeoning fear. “I enjoy your touch.”
Trellen’s heart swelled the same way it did when Master called him beautiful—but at the same time, a lump formed in Trellen’s throat. He wasn’t na├»ve. He knew he wasn’t special. He was merely a slave. A plaything. Surely there had been others before him. Surely there would be others after him.
But when Master reached down and carded his fingers through Trellen’s hair, Trellen couldn’t help but lean into his touch. Master truly owned him body and soul. Because I allowed it. Perhaps part of him even wanted it. Goddess, what am I going to do when he tires of me? Eventually the newness would wear off and then…. Trellen shivered. He didn’t know what would happen when Master grew weary of playing with him.
Master cupped his cheek. “What is the matter, Pretty?”
“I…nothing.” He didn’t want to know how long he had or what would happen when someone new caught his Master’s eye. “May…may I continue?” he asked tentatively.
Master rubbed his thumb over Trellen’s cheek and pulled him gently into a kiss. Trellen’s eyes slid shut as he savored the tenderness of it. Usually Master only kissed him like this after sex. Trellen slid his arms around Master’s neck, fully expecting to be restrained before he got far—but Master allowed the embrace and Trellen held on tight. He deepened the kiss and Master reciprocated. For a few seconds, Trellen allowed himself to believe that if Master had come to him by sunlight, he would have welcomed the stranger’s touch.
Master smiled, then broke the kiss. “If you wish to continue, you may. I would like it, in fact.” 
Trellen bit his lip “Is…is there anywhere you don’t want me to touch?”
“You may touch me however you like, my sweet.” He sounded bemused.
Trellen’s heart swelled up again with that same strange emotion. He leaned in and pressed another soft kiss to Master’s lips, then he kissed Master’s cheek. He ran his lips along Master’s strong jaw and down his neck. Master gripped Trellen tightly and for a moment he froze—but then he realized Master was rolling onto his back and only intended to keep Trellen on top of him as he moved.
Trellen kissed his way along Master’s collar and down his chest, though he avoided Master’s nipples. He wanted to explore, not get fucked again—at least not yet, even though his cock was already starting to twitch with excitement. Trellen kissed Master’s stomach and nipped at his belly button, exactly the same way Master had done to him. Master arched into his touch and let out a low moan that went straight to Trellen’s cock. 
“So good, my Pretty,” he murmured, running his hands along Trellen’s back. “You are…you are such a rare and beautiful flower.”
Brimming over with delight at the soft words, Trellen kissed his way along his Master’s hips. Slowly, he pulled away and sat up so that he could part Master’s tentacles, once more to expose Master’s erect cock. He slid his hand down its shaft, eliciting another throaty moan. It was hard to believe that less only a month ago, he’d been shy. Afraid. But what he’s done to me…. Trellen leaned in and tasted his Master’s cockhead; his skin was salty and sweet. 
 Trellen took Master’s cock slowly into his mouth, laving his tongue around the shaft as he’d done dozens of times before. But this time, his hands were free to wander, so he let them. He skimmed his fingertips over Master’s skin and quickly found his anal slit. Knowing what pleasure he got from having the sensitive skin fingered and teased, he did the same to his Master and was rewarded by another low moan. Tentacles curled around Trellen’s body and he faltered. 
But Master didn’t restrain Trellen, he encircled him gently. “Holding you makes me happy,” he explained.
Trellen liked it too. He went back to lavishing attention on Master’s cock while he skimmed Master’s entrance lightly with his fingertips.
“I would very much like it if you were to use your mouth where you are using your fingers, Pretty.” Master’s words were throaty, filled with lust, but the command was clear and Trellen’s heart beat harder. He’d thought there was nothing left to make his corruption more complete. “I want to feel your tongue on my entrance.” The command was stronger. “I want to feel it inside me.”
There seemed no choice but to obey. Trellen slid further down and Master shifted, making it easier for him to find his way. His chest filled with excitement and fear as he slipped his tongue against the tight slit—but the sound Master made in response, part-way between a moan and a growl, gave Trellen courage. Master’s tentacles slid over his back, making Trellen shiver with delight. He slid his tongue over Master’s entrance a second time.
“Very good, my sweet. You must never be afraid to explore unknown pleasures.”
Exploring the unknown was what had gotten him here in the first place—but there was no turning back. Trellen laved at Master’s entrance with the flat of his tongue, taking his cues from the sounds Master made. Low throaty growls, soft moans, lust-filled sighs. He couldn’t deny loving the way those sounds made him feel. Like for once he’s at my mercy instead of the other way around. As his confidence grew, he pressed his tongue harder against Master’s slit until at last, it slid it inside.
Master cried out and arched his back. “Yes! So very good.” He ran his fingers through Trellen’s hair. “Deeper, my sweet.”
Trellen obeyed without a second thought. The taste was salty and strong, but not disagreeable and the deeper he plunged his tongue, the louder Master moaned. Trellen used his hand to work his Master’s cock, while his own cock swelled with need until his whole body ached. Then impulse took him, and Trellen slid one finger into Master’s tight entrance. Master’s back arched and the tentacles around Trellen tightened. But finally he understood the embrace as a sign Master’s pleasure and not an indication that he wanted Trellen to stop. Trellen pushed his finger in deeper. Surely that there must be a sweet spot somewhere inside Master’s body that would fill Master’s veins with sparks and Lightning.

“I want you to fuck me.”                          


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