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Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 15)

Today is National Coming Out Day. Obviously, the decision of when (or even if) to come out is a difficult one, but it's worth thinking about. One of the things I'm sure you've picked up on about Trellen's colony is that anything other than heterosexuality is frowned upon to the point where Trellen believes that merely thinking about it is turning his back on his Goddess. Acting on it has tainted him beyond any hope of redemption. Tentacles and Chain might be fiction, but those feelings are very real, very powerful, and very, very painful. I hope that someday our children and grandchildren look back at this tumultuous period of history and shake their heads in wonderment at how awful our society treated certain segments of the populace. I hope they live in a better, more accepting world than we live in now.

Tomorrow, I have the fabulous Kim Fielding as my guest. So on Monday (the 13th), I'll blog about coming out.

But for now, here you go with Chapter Fifteen of Tentacles and Chain where things are really heating up!

Chapter Fifteen

Trellen gasped into the kiss as the burning invasion split him in two. All of the stretching in the world couldn’t have prepared him for this! Had Master’s cock somehow grown wider since the last time Trellen held it in his hand? He moaned and squirmed, but Master held him fast and only stopped kissing him long enough to say, “Just breathe.”
Blindly, Trellen nodded. He breathed. Master pressed his lips back to Trellen’s mouth again and Trellen kissed him hard. Just breathe. He sucked in water through his nose and pressed it out his gill slits, but it didn’t help.
Slowly, Master pressed in deeper, at last reaching that place inside Trellen that made fire and thunder go rolling through his veins. He moaned and felt Master’s smile on his lips—but then Master pulled back out again and Trellen broke the kiss. “Please…don’t….”
“Shhhh.” Master soothed. He pressed another soft kiss to Trellen’s lips and Trellen submitted. It was just as he had said: he was Master’s to with as Master pleased.
Master pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in again, just as slowly as before. It hurt less. He pressed the sweet spot. Trellen writhed. “More. Please?”
“My beautiful wanton,” Master’s grin was audible. He pulled out and this time didn’t hesitate before plunging deep into Trellen’s body. Sparks danced through Trellen’s veins and in front of his eyes. He arched his back as much as he was able.
“Yes,” he groaned. “Please. More. More like that.”
Master claimed his mouth in another savage kiss as he pulled out, then drove back in. Over and over, he thrust himself into Trellen’s helpless body while he kissed Trellen’s lips, his neck—while he bit down as he had before, sending waves of mixed pain and pleasure shooting through Trellen’s over-worked nerves.
“Please…please, Master…so close…I’m so close… please….” He was nearing the edge of orgasm, the place where Master would either keep him dangling mercilessly or allow him to succumb to pleasure. “Please…please don’t stop.”
Master pressed his hand between them and grasped hold of Trellen’s cock. “Come for me, my sweet. Come now.”
The words were all Trellen needed. The orgasm rushed through him like a wave crashing against rock. He strained against his Master’s strength and cried out—and in the same instant felt something hot rush inside him. Master’s seed. Trellen shuddered. His mouth was once more covered by his Master’s. Trellen was too weak to do anything but allow Master whatever he wanted. The kiss stole his breath and burned into his soul.

Trellen lay with his back against his Master’s chest, Master’s tentacles and arms wrapped snugly around him, making him feel safe. Cared for. After that fierce, soul-burning kiss, Master had kissed him more lightly, loosening his grip on Trellen’s wrists and tail as he pulled out of him, ever so slowly. Gently. He’d gathered Trellen into his arms and asked if he was all right.
It would have been easier if he’d forced me. Because Trellen didn’t want to feel happy or safe inside his dark prison. He wanted to feel angry and bitter. He wanted to feel violated. But how can I call it a violation when I baited him into my final perversion? In the moments leading up to it, Trellen had told himself he had no choice but to accept his Master’s will—and maybe he didn’t. Maybe Master would have taken him eventually no matter what he said.
And maybe he would have waited until I was ready for it.
And far from the brutal encounter Master had promised him, it had been gentle.
Or…mostly gentle. But Trellen suspected that no matter what, it would have hurt. He also suspected that as his body became accustomed to such invasions, it would hurt less.
He rolled over and opened his eyes, trying again to imagine his Master’s face in the dark.
What manner of strange creature are you?
He reached out and his fingertips came to rest on Master’s soft lips. He traced their outline, then touched his Master’s smooth cheek and felt his closed eyes, his firm brow. His soft hair.
What would this be like if you’d come to me in the light instead of dragging me into this cold dark place? If you’d seduced me instead of abducting me?
But Trellen knew the answer.
Even if you are handsome, I would have feared you.
Trellen ghosted his fingers down Master’s strong arms and felt his hands—his fingertips. Those sharp talons that he somehow had never hurt Trellen with, no matter where he put his fingers. Trellen traced the lines of Master’s webbed hands, so different from his own—and yet each hand had four fingers and a thumb. Each finger was shaped as Trellen’s was.
Are we really so different?
He let his hands wander over Master’s taut stomach; he felt Master’s belly button. He touched Master’s hips. There was no change in the texture of his skin and yet instead of a sleek tail with long fins, Master had a mass of dark tentacles.
Yes. They were different. Even if Master had revealed himself in the sunlight, Trellen would have fled.
He skimmed his fingers lightly down one of Master’s long tentacles, moving carefully so as not to wake him. He wanted to explore all the parts of his Master’s body that Master had never allowed him to explore.
I know why you won’t let me see you, but why won’t you let me touch you?
Each tentacle that Trellen ran his hands over seemed about the same; they were thick and long and powerfully strong. Master could probably swim at least as fast as Trellen—maybe faster.  Hundreds of suction cups lined the underside of each tentacle, but Trellen knew that already. He felt them every time Master encircled him with them. Now, though, Trellen took his time, gently fingering several of the suction cups, marveling at their soft texture—grateful that Master’s distant cousins were octopuses and not squid. Squid had sharp talons in their suction cups.
Trellen had heard once that octopuses were able to taste through their suction cups and wondered if the same was true of Cephalopoda.
According to the stories Trellen had heard as a child, those of the Blue were born of Kaia, the bright goddess of sea and sun, but those from Below were born of her Dark Sister, whose name was long forgotten, even though her children still roamed the depths, terrorizing the creatures of the Blue. Hunting them. Killing them. Stealing and eating their young.
But those were just stories.
Are you really so terrible?  Or do the Elders only tell us you are monsters so that we will fear the dark?
If all Cephalopoda were like Master, they were certainly debauched. But how easily did you corrupt me? It wasn’t like I fought it.
Trellen had wanted to, but…but the things you do feel too good. And if they felt good, why were they so bad? Maybe Master was right. Maybe he shouldn’t be ashamed of the things that brought him pleasure. It’s not like Master is ashamed to touch me the way he does.
Trellen worked his way back up Master’s tentacles and gently parted two of them—
“Are you enjoying yourself, Pretty?”

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