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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 14)

Chapter Fourteen

Trellen nipped at the hard nub of Master’s nipple and Master arched into his touch while letting out a ragged, low moan. The sound sent a shiver of delight through Trellen’s body and caused his blood to flow straight into his cock so that it rose out of its protective slit. But why shouldn’t he respond to his Master’s pleasure? Didn’t pleasing Master mean that Master would in turn please him? If Trellen had learned anything these last few dark weeks, it was that Master enjoyed watching him come. He might delay it as long as possible, but he never denied Trellen climax. And the more he delays it, the better it is.
Trellen reached between them and sought out his Master’s cock with one hand—it wasn’t difficult to find. Master was as hard as he was. Shamelessly, Trellen stroked him, taking delight in the low throaty growls coming from Master’s throat. Then suddenly, Trellen found himself forced onto his back. He barely had time to gasp and collect his wits before strong tentacles encircled his wrists and dragged them over his head. Trellen wriggled in protest, but all that made Master do was to wrap two more tentacles around Trellen’s tail, stilling his struggles.
“I warned you, my Pretty,” Master growled in his ear. The menacing edge of his tone sent another shiver down Trellen’s spine. “Or have you changed your mind and you don’t want to be fucked?” He dragged his cock over Trellen’s stomach slowly, making Trellen whimper. Then Master pressed the tip of his cock against Trellen’s anal slit.
Trellen swallowed, but the lump in his throat remained. He’d grown to love the feel of Master’s fingers inside him. Only his cock is a lot bigger….
“Well?” Master slid his cock over Trellen’s slit. “Do you want me to fuck you?”
Trellen couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped his lips as the wave rose up inside him. It terrified him. Master terrified him. Not because of what he was. But because of what he’s shown me about myself. “Does not every part of me belong to you? Even my most private places are yours to do with as you wish.”
“And what do you wish, my Pretty?”
Damn him, but he wasn’t going to let Trellen off the hook! “I wish for you to use me however it pleases you, Master.”
“So be it then.” Master’s voice had turned feral and very real fear rose in Trellen’s chest. It only increased when Master pushed his head to one side and claimed his neck. Master bit into Trellen’s tender skin hard enough to make him cry out in pain, even as a flash of pleasure went zinging through his veins. He squeezed his eyes shut—but then Master eased back. His claiming bite became a soft, sensual nuzzle and Trellen moaned once more.
Goddess, why didn’t Master just fuck him and get it over with! He tried to buck his hips, to rub his aching cock against Master’s belly—but he couldn’t move. Despite his warning about not being gentle, Master kissed his neck softly. He nipped along Trellen’s jawline. He sucked on Trellen’s collar bone, leaving Trellen quivering.
“You must never be ashamed of the things bring you pleasure, Pretty.” Master slid one hand between them and caressed Trellen’s anal slit with his fingertips. “For I am certainly not ashamed to bring you pleasure.”
Trellen whimpered again as Master stroked his sensitive opening, teasing it, toying with it. “Please…please!” He tried in vain to thrust his hips upward. Every nerve felt like it was on fire with need.
“So eager,” Master said softly, his lips right next to Trellen’s ear. “And so beautiful, too.” He slid one finger gingerly inside Trellen’s slit.
“Please say I can come,” Trellen begged.
Master chuckled. “You’ll come—but only when my cock is buried deep inside you.”
Trellen gulped down a breath and nodded his understanding. He felt Master’s lips curl into a smile as Master pressed a second finger into him. Then Trellen gasped when he felt a third digit join the first—Master had only used two fingers before now. But he had held Master’s cock in his hand, had it in his mouth. He knew he would need to be stretched wide if he was ever going to be able to accommodate it there.
Master pressed in deeper, stretching Trellen wide as he hit the sweet spot and sparks danced in front of Trellen’s eyes. “More. Please. More.”
“So beautiful.” Master pressed soft, sweet kisses to Trellen’s mouth. He nipped at Trellen’s lips, but didn’t enter when Trellen parted them.
A fourth finger joined the first three and Trellen cried out he was stretched impossibly wide.
It hurt.
It felt good.
Every nerve was ablaze and he didn’t know if he wanted his Master to stop now or give him more. He’d never felt such pressure inside. “Please… Master…. Please.” He needed something. Anything.
Master slid all four fingers in and out of him, hitting the sweet spot every time, stretching him wider, making him ache inside and out.
Please!” He could hardly breathe it hurt so much, it felt so good.
“Are you ready for my cock, sweet?”
“Yes! Goddess, yes, please.”
But then Master withdrew his hand and the emptiness was too much to bear—until Master kissed him again, slow and sweet. Trellen wanted nothing more than to throw his arms around his Master’s neck and cling to him forever.

It was only when he felt Master’s cock pressing against his opening this heart began to pound in fear again. 

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