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Halloween and the Spooktacular Blog Hop!
So. I'd had this HUGE October party planned (and even did a few Halloween themed posts earlier in the month.)

Then life hit--hard--when my brother in law's partner went back into the hospital. (Fingers and toes crossed, things continue to look positive, he's just grumpy and angry and we're all worried.)

And in the meantime, other life stuff continued to happen (as other life stuff does) and here it is 8:40 on the 30th and I have NO idea what to write about. Oh, and on Saturday, I'm supposed to teach a class for aspiring young (or young at heart) romance writers.  And I seem to have family obligations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night (as well as the last two weekends before this!), because for some reason, October is when everyone in my family wants to get together. See that woman over there in the corner wearing the huggy jacket? Yeah. That's me. ;-)

So here's the deal for the hop: I'm gonna be lazy! I've been posting chapters of a serialized free-read called Tentacles and Chain. We're currently on Chapter 17. You can read the first sixteen chapters here.  (Fair warning: Tentacles and Chain contains LOTS of explicit sex, some dub-con elements, and a splash of BDSM.) 

Normally, I post new chapters on Saturday--this week, you're getting it a day early (that whole, I'm gonna be lazy thing.)

For my blog hop prize: a paperback copy of Tentacles and Chain (another fair warning, there are a few typos, this was not professionally edited.) I will mail the winner a copy no matter where in the world they live. To enter, comment below

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Chapter Seventeen

Trellen’s breath caught in his throat. “Master?” It was one thing for Master to demand Trellen’s submission, for him to lie atop Trellen and fuck him, but for Master to ask Trellen to lie on top of him—?
Master’s chuckle was as surprising as his request. “Do you not think I enjoy being fucked as much as you do, sweet?”
 “I….” He bit his lip. How could he say what he needed to without offending his Master? Males do not lie beneath other males. Trellen did it because he had no choice; he had accepted the role of submissive and all that it meant. And does that not mean I have to do everything he wishes? Even this?  “But….”
“But?” Master coaxed, gently pulling Trellen up, so he was laying on Master’s chest once more.
Exactly where I would be if I…. But how could he?
Master brushed the hair from Trellen’s face and brought him in for a soft kiss. Trellen yielded at once. This he knew. This he understood. Yielding. Submitting. That was his role.
“I think I understand,” Master said, when he let go of Trellen’s mouth. “You still harbor the notion that it is somehow shameful for a male to lie beneath another male, that there is something subservient in the position.”
Heat flooded Trellen’s cheeks.
“Am I correct?”
He nodded.
“And yet, you did take pleasure from lying under me, did you not?”
He nodded again. Truly, he wasn’t his Master’s slave so much as he was a slave to his own wanton desire.
“Well then,” Master went on. “Am I not deserving of the same pleasure I gave you? And would you not like the pleasure of fucking me?”
His cock twitched and Master chuckled.
“Part of your anatomy seems in agreement at least.” He slipped his hand between them, grasping both their cocks in one big hand. Trellen let out a soft moan as his cock slid against his Master’s erection. “Now, Pretty, imagine that instead of my hand around your cock, it is my body holding your it tight. Imagine fucking me the way I fucked you.” His voice had become low throaty growl and Trellen bucked his hips in response to the words. “Imagine my heat around you. Imagine coming deep inside my body as you have come so many times in my throat.”
Trellen’s eyes rolled back in his head—but then Master let go of his cock and Trellen whimpered at the loss of contact.  “Please. Don’t…I….” He bit his lip again. “I want to.” He would do anything to make Master happy, even if it went against everything he thought he knew about right and wrong. “But I…I don’t know what to do.”
“I don’t believe it will be that difficult for you to figure out, my sweet, and I won’t hold your inexperience against you. There will be many more occasions for you to improve on your technique—and to observe mine. And lest you have any fears of me becoming ‘subservient’ to you just because I wish to be fucked, I can promise you that the next time I take you, I will keep you dangling on the edge of orgasm until you are weeping with need.” His tone took on a menacing edge that had Trellen’s cock straining harder. Master must have felt it too, because he chuckled. “Oh yes, Pretty. I intend to push you to your limit and keep you teetering there on the edge. I shall finger fuck you and suck your cock while you beg for mercy. I shall torture your nipples with bites and pinches so hard that you scream. But I promise, by the time I finally allow you to come, with my cock buried deep inside that beautiful body of yours, pain and pleasure will have become so intermingled that you won’t know where one sensation ends and the other begins.”
Another soft moan escaped his throat.
“Do you like the sound of that?” Master asked, sounding both amused and pleased by Trellen’s response. 
No longer trusting his voice to be able to form coherent sounds, Trellen nodded. He wasn’t actually sure he liked the part about Master torturing his nipples, but he would do just about anything to have Master’s cock inside him again.
 “My beautiful wanton. How eager you are to please me.” The unmistakable sound of joy—of approval—in Master’s tone made Trellen’s heart swell. “But come. Let us engage in a different sort of pleasure, one that I am sure you will enjoy just as much as I do, for I did truly enjoy fucking you, and I plan to do it often in the future.”
Trellen nodded again. “I…shall I…that is…what you did for me…with your hand, do you wish me to do that to you?”
“I would like it. But it isn’t necessary for you to stretch me if you don’t want to.”  
“I’m only afraid of hurting you.”
Master pressed another soft kiss to Trellen’s mouth. “You won’t hurt me, but I’ll guide you, if you need it, all right?”
Trellen nodded and slipped his hand between them to seek out Master’s cock. It was hard and warm—it always got warm when they fucked. And it did feel good.
So why was it wrong to lie beneath another male?
Master won’t be any weaker for lying beneath me. Even without the threat—the promise—of what Master would do to him next time, Trellen knew he wouldn’t think of his Master any differently after this. How could he? He skimmed his fingertips lightly over the long slit under Master’s cock and Master let out a long, soft moan.
“Very nice, my Pretty.”
Encouraged, Trellen pressed a single fingertip past the tight muscles. They yielded almost at once.
“Yes,” Master told him. “Deeper. Two fingers.”
Trellen pushed in another finger and slid them deeper into the tight, hot channel. Master’s back arched into his touch and Trellen’s own cock twitched in response.
“Very good,” Master groaned, and as if taking pity on him, he grasped hold of Trellen’s cock and stroked him lightly. However, “Remember the rules, Pretty.”
Trellen gulped, but nodded. He wasn’t allowed to come without permission. He hadn’t broken that rule yet. But I’m afraid of what he’ll do to punish me if I do. Especially now. Master might decide to keep him dangling on the edge of orgasm weeks, maybe even months, instead of mere hours. So instead of concentrating on how incredibly good it felt to have Master stroking his cock, Trellen concentrated on sliding his fingers in and out of his Master’s body, trying to imitate what Master had done to him in the past.
“Deeper,” Master urged. “Yes…. Oh so good, my Pretty. Yes, just like that,” he said when Trellen spread his fingers wide. With his free hand, Master reached up and cupped Trellen’s cheek—then suddenly he gasped and arched his back, letting out a low hiss of pleasure.
Trellen couldn’t help the smile on his face or the giddy, self-satisfied feeling in his chest. He’d been searching for the sweet spot, that place deep inside his Master’s body that would send sparks flying through Master’s veins. Apparently, he’d found it.
“Your cock,” Master told him. “I want your cock. Now.
 Trellen couldn’t have disobeyed an order like that if he’d wanted to. Master assisted him, wrapping his tentacles around Trellen’s waist to guide him into position. As soon as he was where he thought he ought to be, Trellen reached down. He felt Master’s cock. His slit. He lined his own cock up with it and Master groaned.
“Now, Pretty. Fuck me.”
Trellen plunged his cock home, his eyes rolling back in his head as his shaft was surrounded by hot, tight muscles. They both cried out. Trellen gasped. He pulled back as Master had done, paused a moment, then plunged back in. The heat from Master’s body spread through him, as wave after wave of molten heat crashed over Trellen’s body. “Please…Master…I won’t last long. Please. I can’t. I want to but I can’t.”
“Take my cock in your hand. Fuck me hard.”         
Trellen did as he was told and in only a few seconds, Master cried out and released his seed into the water. “Now, Pretty, come for me.”
In a rush of sparks, Trellen came harder than ever, emptying himself into his Master’s body. The orgasm left him panting, exhausted. He slumped down onto Master’s chest and rested his cheek there, so that he could hear Master’s heart thumped rhythmically in his ear. Tentacles encircled him, and Trellen closed his eyes. The soft touch of Master’s hand caressing his spine made him shiver—then Master leaned in and feathered a soft kiss to the top of Trellen’s head.
“That was very nice my sweet. Thank you.”
Trellen smiled. Though he was sated, his mind was already thinking ahead to what Master had promised to do to him next time…


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