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Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 12)

Chapter Twelve

It was difficult to mark the passing of time in a place where no sunlight penetrated, but by Trellen’s best reckoning, at least two weeks had passed since he first woke up in darkness.
The first time Master used long lengths of rope to bind his arms, Trellen had been frightened, wondering what he’d done wrong. But Master stroked his cheek and promised that he wasn’t angry.
“Just as I enjoy listening to you beg,” Master explained patiently, “so do I enjoy the way you look restrained.” His tone sent shivers up mixed fear and delight up and down Trellen’s spine. “You look so lovely stretched out before me, my beautiful little wanton.” As he spoke, he trailed his fingertips down Trellen’s stomach and slid his hand down around the base of Trellen’s cock. Trellen quivered as Master caressed his anal slit. It was so wrong, but…but Master was right. He was a wanton. “Will you submit to my pleasures?”
All Trellen could do was nod his agreement. Master bound him his arms behind his back and made use of his mouth. He made Trellen beg for what seemed like hours before allowing Trellen to come—but in the end, he brought Trellen to climax and the orgasm that crashed over him left him shaking and sated.
Then Master gathered Trellen into his arms and carried him to the bed. He told Trellen how beautiful his was and how pleased he was by Trellen’s submission. He rubbed Trellen’s arms and shoulders, relieving the aches that had built up while Trellen was bound. He kissed Trellen’s neck and back, and initiated a second session, more tender than the first, without rope or chain or begging. Master reached between them and grasped both their cocks in one hand, so that their shafts rubbed together. It was so…intimate, touching Master like that, skin to skin. Afterwards Trellen slept curled up against his Master’s chest, just like he always did after they fucked.  
Master only left him while when he went to for food and even then, he was rarely gone for long. Trellen was just as glad. Little was worse than sitting alone in the dark, afraid to wander from the bed chamber, because if he did, how would he find his way back? By then, he’d explored the chamber thoroughly; there were no glow orbs hidden anywhere that Trellen could find. There were only more relics from sunken leviathans, statues and trinkets. There were seashells and smooth stones, pieces of coral—the chamber must surely be beautiful. Trellen amused himself in his Master’s absence by feeling each piece in the dark, trying to imagine what it looked like, wishing for just a little light.
He remembered his Master’s promise—tell me what you fear and I will bring in as many glow orbs as your heart desires—but he would never tell the Unspeakable One that his greatest fear was never seeing the Blue again. Master might genuinely be as gentle and generous as he seemed, but he wasn’t Trellen’s lover or even his friend. He is my Master. I am his slave. Trellen might be living in a more comfortable cage than that little cell he’d woken up in, but it was a cage, none the less.
The water’s scent changed. His Master was back. Trellen put down the thin circlet he’d been blindly admiring and made his way back to the bed. By now he could navigate the entire room from memory.
A moment later, he felt the current shift, and a moment after that, he felt his Master joining him on the soft sand. “I hope you haven’t been awake long.”
“Not very,” Trellen told him earnestly.
“Good.” He stroked Trellen’s cheek and coaxed him into a soft kiss. Trellen returned it eagerly. He liked kissing. Master’s lips were soft, but his kisses were firm, not like Lianna’s—she was the only other person he’d ever kissed, if he could call the brief peck she stole a kiss. Master’s kisses were…intoxicating. Even though it was dark, Trellen closed his eyes and allowed the sensations to wash over him. Desire. Pleasure. Joy. Those feelings only intensified when he felt Master’s lips forming a smile.
At length Master broke the kiss. “I am sorry I kept you waiting, but I hope that you will forgive me once you discover what I’ve brought for you.” He took Trellen’s hands and placed something within them.
Trellen felt…leaves. But not sagren leaves, the texture was wrong and the leaves too big. “Kelp?” But…the leaf seemed to be folded over something. “Stuffed with…?”
“Taste and find out.” He sounded both anxious and pleased with himself and Trellen couldn’t help but grin as he lifted the morsel to his lips and bit into it.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget what he is. And maybe, Trellen reckoned, that was because he wanted to forget. Only why would I want to forget? He brought me here against my will.
He was too hungry, however, to ponder it long. He bit into the kelp and was delighted at the burst of flavor. The leaves were wrapped around fresh urchin meat, a rare delicacy even in the colony. While urchins were easy to catch, they were difficult to handle afterward. Trellen took another bite and closed his eyes; the urchin meat tasted of the Blue, sweet and salty. He swore he could almost taste the sun itself in each tender bite. “You always bring my favorite foods.” It was so good, he was loathe to finish it—but then Master handed him another stuffed leaf.
“You sound surprised,” Master said.
“I am.”
“Would you prefer it if I brought things you didn’t like?” he asked, chuckling.
Trellen smiled too and shook his head. “No, I mean how do you know what I like?”
“Perhaps I’m a good guesser. Or perhaps I am bringing you those things I enjoy and it is merely a happy coincidence that you like them too.” 

Trellen didn’t believe either excuse. “You were watching me. Before you brought me here.” It wasn’t a question. Master had all but admitted as much before. “I left the colony so often and sometimes… sometimes I was sure I felt like someone was watching when I ventured too near the dark waters.” There were only a few sunken leviathans in the shallows. After Trellen had explored them all, he began to go deeper into the murky twilight region between the Blue and Below. “I had thought it was my imagination, my mother’s tales getting into my head and making me afraid. But it wasn’t. It was you, following me.” 

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