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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 11)

HUGE apologies for being late getting this up this week. Yesterday sort of slipped away from me. I guess I really do have to get it in gear and set this up to publish automatically  ;-)

Chapter Eleven

Trellen opened his mouth, but…but what was the catch? What was the price he had to pay to be able to wear Master’s trinket? “I…are you sure?”
“Of course, my Pretty.” He pulled wrapped his arms tightly around Trellen’s chest, making Trellen’s heart race—but from what, he wasn’t sure. Fear? Wantonness? “Come,” Master said, breaking the embrace. “You must be hungry. I brought more sagren leaves and some clams, if you like.”
Trellen ran his fingers over the ring again. There must be some catch—mustn’t there?
Master handed him the net and Trellen’s stomach reminded him that it had been some while since he’d last eaten. “Thank you,”
“You are quite welcome.” Master shifted to sit next to him, though his tentacles were still draped over Trellen’s tail.
Preventing my escape. But really, how could Master expect him to flee? Perhaps he just likes touching me? Not knowing what else to do, Trellen picked up a leaf and ate. It was fresh and sweet, just like before. “Where…where do you find these?”
“There’s an island near here. Sagren grows plentifully in the shallow waters of its lagoon.”
“My…I mean. The colony?”
“No, Pretty. We are some ways from your colony.”
“Oh.” He ate another leaf.
“Perhaps you’d like to try a clam?”
Trellen nodded. Only instead of handing it over, shell and all for Trellen to wrangle, Master pressed a tender piece of meat to Trellen’s lips. Trellen started to raise his hand to take it, but before he got far, both wrists were encircled by tentacles and pulled back to his sides. Master’s grip was light and Trellen didn’t fight him. He accepted the morsel from his Master’s fingertips. It was demeaning—but at the same time, it caused his heart to beat a little faster and his cock to twitch again. What was wrong with him?
Master chuckled his approval, and as soon as Trellen had swallowed, he pressed another morsel to Trellen’s lips.
Was this the price for accepting Master’s gift? Or would he have done this anyway? There was no way to know, but the clam meat was fresh and tender, so Trellen accepted the second offering. And the third and the fourth and eventually he was full and instead of a strip of clam meat pressed to his mouth, he felt his Master’s soft lips. He accepted the kiss. Returned it. He took more pleasure in it than he wanted to, but he couldn’t help himself.
With Trellen’s wrists still restrained, Master began exploring Trellen’s body. He ran his hands and then his lips over Trellen’s chest. Each touch caused Trellen’s cock to swell up a little more, so that by the time Master took one of Trellen’s nipples between his teeth, it was standing at its full height.
When Master nipped at the tender nub, Trellen hissed in pain—but his cock responded by straining harder, aching to be touched. Master wrapped his hand around it and Trellen moaned.
“Do you like this, my Pretty?”
Trellen nodded. There was no use denying it. Heat continued to spread through his chest as Master nipped and nibbled, sometimes hard enough to cause real pain—but every time he did, he caressed Trellen’s cock, causing a different sort of fire to spark in Trellen’s nerves.
“Pain can be a powerful aphrodisiac,” Master murmured, as he transferred his attention to Trellen’s other nipple. “It has to be artfully applied, in small doses at first, but it can be very pleasant.”
Trellen couldn’t argue. He arched his back and pushed his hips forward. It was obscene. He was obscene. But he couldn’t stop the wave mounting inside him. “Please.”
“Please what, my Pretty?”
Master chuckled. “I believe the words you are look for are ‘Please, Master, may I come.’”
Oh Goddess. Master didn’t actually expect him to say that, did he?
He chuckled again. “I can keep you dangling on the edge of orgasm all day, Pretty. I’m in no special hurry. Or if my need does become too urgent, I can always relieve myself while I leave you whimpering.”
“No. Please.”
“Then beg.”
Trellen squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn’t!
“Open your eyes Pretty.”
There was enough of an edge to his tone that Trellen didn’t dare disobey. He opened his eyes. “Please don’t—”
But Master let go of his cock and Trellen’s arguments died in a disappointed cry. Master pressed a finger to Trellen’s lips; there was a hint of saltiness sweetness to it. It was one of the fingers that only a moment ago had been grasping Trellen’s cock. “It is not my wish to be cruel, my sweet. I only wish you to beg because I enjoy hearing the words,” Master told him. “I will only deny you if displease me. Or if it pleases me to watch you suffer a bit longer before I finally allow your release.” He removed his fingers from Trellen’s lips and trailed them slowly down Trellen’s neck. His chest. His stomach. “You may begin by asking me to touch your cock.”
Trellen swallowed hard. His whole body was enflamed with need, but…. But what is one more degradation? It would get him what he wanted, wouldn’t it? “P-please.” The word thick and heavy on his tongue.
“Go on,” Master encouraged, his fingers slowly circling the base of Trellen’s aching cock. “Tell me where you would like to be touched.”
“My…my cock. Please?”
“Surely you can speak in complete sentences, Pretty.”
Shame heated his cheeks. “I….Please…please touch…touch my cock.”
“Very nice.” Master ghosted his fingertips over Trellen’s shaft and Trellen sucked in a breath. “Tell me, Pretty, are you satisfied with my hand, or would you like me to suck your cock?”
“Oh Goddess.”
He chuckled. “Not the goddess, just your Master.” He used his other hand to stroke Trellen’s cheek. “Tell me what you would like me to do next. Shall I continue stroking your cock, or would you like to feel my mouth around it?”
“Your mouth,” he blurted out before he lost his nerve. “Please, please use your mouth.”
“Ask nicely and I will.”
He shook with fear. Revulsion. Desire. Shame. “Please…please, Master, will…will you suck my cock?” Each word was torture to say, but when Master lowered himself and took Trellen’s cock into his mouth, none of it mattered. Trellen let out a loud moan and would have thrust himself deeper into his Master’s throat if it weren’t for the tentacles restraining him. Molten heat filled Trellen as the wave inside his body rose higher. It was like every nerve was on fire, yet craving more. “Please…please more…please?”
Master wove his tongue artfully around Trellen’s shaft and sucked harder. But just when Trellen thought he was going to lose himself to ecstasy, Master pulled back.
Please!” Trellen sobbed.
“You’ve forgotten to ask for permission to come, Pretty. Unless you ask, I will not bring you to completion. I am perfectly capable of keeping you on the edge all day,” he added in a tone that suggested he would enjoy it, too.
Trellen bit his lip. “Please don’t.”
“Then you know what you have to do.”
He shuddered. But he was too far gone to fight. “Please…please let me…let me come? Please?”
Master licked Trellen’s cockhead again, making Trellen’s eyes roll back in his head.  “Please. Please don’t stop,” he begged.
Master took his cockhead between his lips.
“Please. More. Please, Master… please…please.”
With a satisfied chuckle, Master took Trellen’s cock all the way to the base and Trellen let out a loud, low groan. Master’s mouth was so hot, so soft. Master slid his tongue around Trellen’s shaft while Trellen continued to plead for more.
Then Trellen felt something press against his anal slit. Master’s finger. He sucked in a breath.
“Do you like that, Pretty?”
He wanted to say no. He wanted to hate it. But instead, he nodded. “Yes.”
“Would you like my fingers inside you? Would you like me to fuck you with them?”
He nodded again. He wanted Master to touch that place deep inside him that sent sparks shooting through his veins.
“Words, Pretty. I need to hear the words.”
Goddess, please. He wanted it to stop. He wanted it to go on forever. “Please.”
“Say the words or I shall leave you like this, with your lovely cock straining, for a very long time. I have many devices to restrain you. I can bind your arms behind your back and continue to tease you without bringing you to completion.”
“Please no.”
“Then tell me what you want me to do.”
It was no use. He was defeated. “Use your fingers. Inside me. Fuck me with them. Please fuck me with them.”
Master chuckled in triumph. “My beautiful wanton.” And he slid his finger deep inside Trellen’s entrance to hit that spot and send lightning shooting through Trellen’s body.
Trellen moaned and writhed and before he knew it, a second finger had joined the first. “Yes! Please. So good. Please!”
Master’s mouth covered his in a searing kiss. Trellen responded, kissing him back with everything he had. Then Master broke the kiss. “Come for me, my Pretty. Let me see how much you enjoy the way I touch you.” 

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