Thursday, August 28

Welcome special guest A. Morell talking about Famous Birthdays~

Have you ever come across someone else with your birthday? Did it make you think “hey, cool”? Did you ever wonder who else in the world might share your date of birth, especially in the realms of history and celebrity? Or is that just me? Well, I got curious, anyway. For the record, I have met one other person in real life with the same birthday as me, and it was nice never needing to mark it down on the calendar. But here are some famous people I can blow out candles with: Jack Black – Actor, comedian, bizarre song writer Shania Twain – Perhaps the only country pop star everyone likes Billy Boyd – Fool of a Took and a lovely crooner Jennifer Coolidge – The original MILF and best part of Legally Blonde Scott Hamilton – Figure skating Olympian and professional backflipper Roxie Roker – Star of The Jeffersons and mother of Lenny Kravitz Leo Tolstoy – I think he wrote books Johann von Goethe – I think he did too It was also the day that Pepsi-Cola was invented, Dr. King gave his I Have a Dream speech, and Japan got its first official television broadcast via Nippon Television. I seem to be in good company. How about you? For an exclusive sneak peek of my upcoming release, Puncture Wounds, check out the Birthday Bash below. Join the scavenger hunt for a chance to win your own copy!
James is at the end of a long crusade for vengeance against the vampire clan that destroyed everything he held dear. He has Ren, the final and most dangerous of them all, cornered at last in London. But victory remains just out of reach when Ren sets a feral vampire on James and makes his escape. With no other leads, James is forced to take in the feral until he can use its connection to its sire to track down Ren. But in caring for the vampire, James sees they might not all be the monsters he thought them to be. Faced with an ugly truth, his quest for revenge becomes a war for retribution, and the discovery of what it truly means to be human. Twitter | Blog | Dreamspinner | Birthday Bash

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, neat post! Sorry I'm so late replying (my inbox has been SO full of blog entries). You share a birthday with some interesting people!

Some of the more notable folks I share a birthday with are Mary Queen of Scots, singer/poet Jim Morrison, artist Diego Rivera, and actor/singer/dancer Sammy Davis Jr. Neat!