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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 9)

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All right, now on with our regularly scheduled programming. I think this is one of my favorite chapters...

Chapter Nine

Well done, Pretty!” He leaned in and covered Trellen’s mouth with another savage, wonderful kiss. “Oh, so very well done. But come.” He released Trellen and slid away from him, dragging his hard cock over Trellen’s skin as he went.
Trellen shivered and his hips bucked upward again.
Master chuckled. “A wanton indeed.” He took Trellen’s hand in his and gave a gentle tug. “I believe this will be more comfortable for you if you were to sit in front of me.”
How could lowering himself to the ground in front of another male possibly make him feel comfortable? But he didn’t argue because he wanted this. Maybe not the part where he had to suck his Master’s cock, but… but he said it. I am a wanton. His cock was standing at its full height and his body ached with the need for release. So he allowed his Master to guide onto the chamber floor and lowered himself obediently to the soft, sandy ground to wait for whatever came next.  
A pair of heavy tentacles draped over his shoulders and an image began to form in Trellen’s mind. If he’d remained lying beneath his Master, he would have been all but smothered by the massive tentacles. Sitting on the floor before the Unspeakable One allowed Master to spread them out, putting Trellen in a considerably less vulnerable position.
Not that he couldn’t still hurt me if he wanted to. It was an unsettling thought, but one Trellen had little time to consider it, because suddenly something hard pressed against his lips.
Master’s cock.
He swallowed, but the lump in his throat remained. He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t—
“Do not be afraid, my Pretty,” his Master said gently. He reached down and stroked Trellen’s hair. “Taste it. Touch it. You may use your hands if you like—but I do expect you take my cock into your mouth. After all, you did ask to suck it, not merely fondle it.”
“Was that an option?” Trellen couldn’t believe the audacity of his words. The question had simply tumbled out of his mouth.
But his Master seemed unperturbed. “No, Pretty. I will never play games with you—at least, not that sort of game. I will never lie or trick you and you will always know both the rules and the consequences of breaking them.”
Trellen nodded. There was at least some small comfort in that. If I can believe him. Who knew how an Unspeakable One’s mind worked? But did it matter? Unless—until­—he found a means of escape, he was at his Master’s mercy.   
With trembling fingers, he reached up and touched the tip of Master’s cock. Master’s skin was unexpectedly soft, like fine warm sand. If only he could stop at this, at touching. But Master had voiced his impatience once already. He’d explained the rules and the consequences. If Trellen wanted to have his own achcing need met, if he wanted to be allowed to climax again, he had to do this. And above all, he didn’t want to hear Master’s sharp tone again, especially not after Master’s gentle words of encouragement and his promise not to play mind games. Trellen gripped Master’s cock, just below his cockhead, and leaned in. Even though he couldn’t see anything in the eternal blackness, he squeezed his eyes shut and darted out his tongue to lick the tip of Master’s cock.
He tasted sweet and salty.
Heat rushed to Trellen’s cheeks. He truly had tasted his own seed in his Master’s mouth before.
“Keep going, Pretty.” Master skimmed his knuckles lightly over Trellen’s cheek.
Still shaking, Trellen swiped his tongue over Master’s cockhead a second time. It wasn’t bad it was just…strange.
But males weren’t supposed to….
He did it to me. And it had felt so good. Even better than when he did it with his hand. Trellen sucked in a deep breath and put his mouth around the tip of Master’s cock. The sound Master made in response, a low throaty groan—Goddess how could a mere sound make Trellen’s cock twitch and ache to be stroked? Trying to remember what Master had done to him, Trellen swirled his tongue around the tip of Master’s cock.
“Very nice, Pretty.” Master growled out the words. “I want both of your hands on me, now. You may touch me however you like, but you must not touch yourself—pleasure yourself—until I give you permission.”
But he was too full of need to argue, so he kept hold of his Master’s cock with one hand, and rested the other on the first tentacle he found. He gasped when the tentacle was wrapped around his wrist—but it wasn’t like before. Master didn’t so much restrain him as…hold him. Who was this odd creature Trellen found himself belonging to? Master he could restrain him one moment, force him to say vile things another, and then show kindness, tenderness, only a moment after that?
“Let instinct guide you, Pretty,” Master told him gently. “Explore. Enjoy. There is no shame in bringing pleasure to another male.”
He wasn’t sure he believed that but he let his tongue wander over the tip of Master’s cock some more, seeking out the places that made Master groan with pleasure. He got the strongest response when he caressed the long vertical slit in the center of Master’s cockhead with his tongue. Master groaned and the tentacle wrapped around Trellen’s wrist tightened—then Master loosened his grip again and twined the tentacle further up Trellen’s arm.
Encouraged and only a little bit afraid, Trellen took Master’s cock further into his mouth.
Very nice,” Master groaned louder.
Trellen relaxed a little. He stopped shaking. It was strange, but it wasn’t unpleasant. He pulled back and let his lips wander over Master’s cock, kissing and caressing, as Master had done to him, and trying to imagine what the other male looked like. The skin on his arms had seemed light, but what color was it? Trellen’s scales were bright blue, like the lagoon waters—his eyes were the same color, just as Luce’s eyes and scales were both dark green. Were Master’s eyes dark because his tentacles were dark? What color was his hair? Trellen knew it must be long, like his, because he’d felt it brush against him. He knew Master’s shoulders were broad and his arms muscular—but none of that helped to paint a clear picture in Trellen’s mind. Are you handsome or truly a monster?
And what does it matter, anyway?
All that mattered was that Trellen was a slave and his Master had the ability to grant—or deny—him pleasure. More than that, Master could easily hurt him….But he hasn’t.
At least not yet.
Trellen sucked Master’s cock back into his mouth and couldn’t help the burst of pleasure he felt when Master let out another low, throaty moan. Encouraged, he slid his tongue around the shaft, taking it almost to the base.
“Yes—oh! Just like that.” Master slid two tentacles around Trellen’s waist and ran both hands through Trellen’s hair—but he continued to allow Trellen to set his own pace, to take as much or as little of his cock as he was able to. “I’d like you to suck harder,” he said and slid another tentacle around Trellen’s body, caressing his skin, making him ache.  
Goddess, if Master would just touch Trellen’s cock—but that was the one part of Trellen’s body he seemed determined not to touch. Trellen’s hips swayed and he sucked harder, pulling Master’s cock as far back into his throat a he could without choking on it.
“You are so incredible, my sweet Pretty.” He released his hold on Trellen’s arm at last. “Grasp hold of your cock. Fuck yourself with your hand.”
Trellen was too far gone to disobey. He moaned when he touched himself and the sound seemed to please his Master.
“I want to hear you come, Pretty. Imagine my mouth around your cock and fuck yourself hard and fast.”
Trellen moaned again and his eyes rolled back in his head; he pumped his hand furiously back and forth as his Master had done, but never stopped sucking his Master’s cock.
“Come for me, Pretty.”
Maybe it was Master’s words or that throaty growl, or maybe it was the fast and furious way Trellen fucked himself with his hand, but he came so hard he nearly screamed out his pleasure as the orgasm crashed through him. In nearly the same instant Trellen’s mouth was filled with something thick and salty-sweet. Instinct made him swallow it down and only afterward did he realize what he’d done.
But what was the use in being ashamed of swallowing his Master’s seed? Hadn’t Master swallowed his?
Master hoisted Trellen up to him, encircling him fully with arms and tentacles, causing Trellen’s heart to skip a beat in fear—but then Master pressed a fierce kiss to his lips.
The fear vanished and Trellen kissed him back.    

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