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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 8)

I normally post new chapters on Saturday, but due to popular demand (emphasis on the "demand" part), I'm putting this up a day early. (I suppose I started a bad habit, posting early one week because I'd had a sucky day  ;-)  )

Although I also suppose I have been a bit mean with where I chose to end my chapters. Ch. 8 is no exception....


Chapter Eight

Trellen’s heart thundered in his ears. “What…what do you want me to do?”
Master stroked his face gently and his heart started to calm. “I will offer you a choice, sweet.” Master’s voice was as soothing as his touch. “You may ask me to fuck you, or you may ask to be allowed to suck my cock. But,” he cautioned, placing a finger on Trellen’s lips, just as Trellen was about to protest that he couldn’t say those words, “you must use the words I have prescribed. Say anything else, and I promise you, it will be a very long time before I allow you another orgasm.”
Trellen’s heart sank at the thought of being denied. He wasn’t a slave to a monster, he was a slave to himself, to his own selfish desires. And maybe that means I really am enslaved to a monster. “Why?”
“Why?” Master questioned.
“Why do you want me to…,” to debase myself. “To use such vulgar words?”
“Words are not vulgar, my Pretty. Vulgar is an idea imposed by people.” He slid higher up on Trellen’s body and rubbed his erection over Trellen’s hard cock.
Trellen let out a soft moan of pleasure. Why does that part of my body have to be so damned sensitive? If it didn’t feel so good….Goddess, why can’t I have more self-control?
“You must learn to use words with which you are uncomfortable in order to convey your desires,” Master said softly, his lips so close they ghosted over Trellen’s cheek. “You must tell me what you enjoy so that I can make you happy.” He rocked his hips back and forth, so their cocks rubbed together.
Trellen found himself leaning up into the movement, obscenely trying to mimic it, desperate for more contact.
“Come, my Pretty. You must decide and tell me which you prefer. Shall I fuck you or would you like to suck my cock?” He pulled himself away from Trellen’s cock, so that it was left straining in the cold water, aching. Trellen whimpered. It wasn’t just his cock, his whole body throbbed and ached!  
Master caressed his face. “I promise that no matter what you choose, I will allow you to come again, if you only say the words.”
“You’re turning me into a wanton!”
“I cannot create something if there were no raw materials with which to work, Pretty. But. Are you stalling?”
“No.” Yes. “Maybe.”
“No more then. I require your answer and I require it now.”
Trellen shuddered at the sharp edge to his Master’s tone. He was growing impatient, but how could he expect Trellen to choose? Trellen thought he could do what Master had done to him before, use his hand to bring his Master to completion. That wouldn’t be so bad. But that wasn’t one of his choices and Trellen doubted the wisdom of begging for it.
Only to be violated, to have him…. He swallowed back a lump of fear in his throat. Males were not supposed to lie beneath other males. And yet here I am, doing just that. But…. But could he actually bear to be…fucked. The word struck a chord of fear deep inside. Trellen swallowed again and forced his lips and throat to work. “I…what you did to me. With your mouth. I choose that.”
“Tut-tut, Pretty. If you wish to be allowed to climax, you must say ‘Master, I would like to suck your cock, please’.”
Shame heated his face. But lying there, arms and tail still bound, his body crying out for another release, what else could he do but give in? My soul is already tainted beyond hope. What was the harm in a few vulgar words at this point? He closed his eyes. “Master. I….I would like to…to suck your cock, please.”
Master tilted his chin upward, as if looking at him. “Now once more, with your eyes open, Pretty. You know where my face is.” His tone was firm and steady, but without threat or malice. “Make me believe it is what you truly wish.”
Trellen shuddered but opened his eyes. He tried to picture the face behind the voice, but his mind couldn’t fathom it. Was the Unspeakable One the monster of childhood’s tales? Or is he like me? Was he handsome? Ugly? Did it matter? “Master. I… I would like to suck your cock, please.”

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