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Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 7)

Chapter Seven

Sunlight filtered down from Above, casting a golden glow on the sand beneath the crystal clear water. Laughter filled the air every time Trellen and Lucien breached the waves, each seeing if he could leap higher than the other until at least, they reached the white-sand beach. Still laughing, the pair hauled themselves up onto the sand lay together in the warmth of the sun.
A cool breeze blew down from the jungle that stretched out beyond the beach, bringing with it green, exotic scents and strange sounds. Trellen inhaled deeply—contentedly—and turned to face Lucien. Luce’s eyes sparkled in the sunlight and his grin made Trellen’s heart do strange, happy things. Trellen rolled closer to his best friend and let his arm fall over Lucien’s slender back. Luce was slight and dark compared to Trellen’s own nearly-white hair and pale complexion. Trellen traced the line of his friend’s spine and Luce shivered, arching into his hand.  
“Hmmmm, that feels good,” Luce murmured.
Trellen smiled. There was little he loved more than touching Luce’s skin. It was soft. Smooth. But underneath it lay strong, hard muscles. Trellen let his fingertips play over Lucien’s spine and along his lower back, almost to the place where skin became scales. Trellen’s stomach fluttered. What would it be like to kiss those perfect lips, or feel Lucien rubbing up against him?
Lucien’s eyelids drooped. “Trell…I….” But he hesitated and Trellen pulled back.
“We should go,” Trellen said, praying Luce didn’t see the shame heating his cheeks.
Lucien opened his eyes again and nodded, though several moments passed before he pushed himself back into the waves. Trellen followed.
Tellen woke with a start, momentarily disoriented by the cold darkness and his body’s state of arousal—then he remembered. The male lying next to him wasn’t Lucien, though the two had spent many nights together before Luce left for the open sea. Kaia watch over him.
But why should Trellen pray to a Goddess who had abandoned him?
Or maybe I abandoned her when I first touched Luce’s skin.
“Whatever you were dreaming about, my Pretty,” said a soft voice that at once made Trellen’s blood pulse with desire and his stomach flip with revulsion, “it has left you in quite a state.”
Cool fingertips traced the lines of Trellen’s exposed cock and, much to his own shame, Trellen shifted closer to his Master’s hand.
“I believe I like this side of your nature.” Master’s grin was audible.
Trellen didn’t respond—but then something warm and soft replaced his Master’s hand and Trellen gasped. He reached down to find out of what he thought was happening was actually happening, but his wrists were quickly restrained, encircled by two of Master’s tentacles. Master pushed Trellen’s arms over his head and snaked another tentacle around Trellen’s tail, immobilizing him. Not that Trellen was putting up much of a fight. He moaned and his eyes rolled back in his head; Master’s mouth was hot, his lips soft, and his tongue skillful.
“Please.” Don’t stop.
Trellen was sure he felt his Master’s lips curl up into a smile—but then Master pulled back, leaving Trellen whimpering.
“Did you enjoy that, my Pretty?”
“Yes. Please.” He thrust his hips upward again in a silent plea.
Master chuckled. He placed a soft kiss on the tip of Trellen’s cock and Trellen whimpered again. The sounds grew louder as Master began teasing his cock. He licked the tip and around the head, then slowly worked his way down the shaft with his tongue and lips, while Trellen wriggled and moaned, shamelessly trying to thrust his cock forward, hoping Master would take it into his mouth again.
“I could keep you dangling on the edge of orgasm all day if I wanted,” Master warned.
He laughed again. “Oh, I most certainly will. But not today, my Pretty,” he said. “First I want you to learn to enjoy your own body, then I will teach you the pleasure of denial.” 
Why did the threat of being denied something he was quickly coming to crave excite him? Trellen had little time to think about it, as Master once more took his cock into his mouth and began sucking in earnest.
“I’m…,” Trellen gasped. He was so close. “Please…I’m going to…it’s….” But it was already too late.  The orgasm crashed through him and he shot his release into his Master’s throat. “I’m sorry!”
But his Master didn’t seem to object. To the contrary, Trellen felt him swallow it down before relaxing his grip on Trellen’s wrists and tail. He feathered a soft kiss to Trellen’s stomach and rested his chin there. “Never apologize for something so lovely, my sweet Pretty.”
“I—” But the soft brush of the tip of Master’s tentacle over Trellen’s lips silenced him.
“Tell me, Pretty, have you ever kissed another male?”
Heat overtook Trellen’s cheeks and he shook his head.
“Have you kissed a female, then?”
“Once,” he admitted. What use was it to lie?
“And did you enjoy it?”
“I…it was pleasant enough.”
“You don’t sound very convincing.”
He shrugged. “What does it matter who I’ve kissed or whether or not I liked it?”
“Because I should like it very much if you were to enjoy my kisses.” And with no further warning, he tightened his grip on Trellen’s wrists and tail once more, and hoisted himself up to smother Trellen’s mouth with his own.
Trellen struggled—but then submitted. He’d given his word. So when he felt his Master nipping at his lips, he opened his mouth a tiny crack. The same tongue that had only moments ago brought him to orgasm plunged into his mouth. Master was no less skilled at kissing than he was at…at whatever he’d done to Trellen’s cock was called. He tasted salty and sweet—and Trellen realized he was probably tasting himself on his Master’s tongue. But while that revelation caused shame to heat Trellen’s body, it didn’t stop him from moaning into the unexpected pleasure of the kiss. No part of his mouth was safe. Master explored him fully, filling Trellen with uncomfortable sensations that caused his cock to once more swell with need.
What would it have been like if Luce had ever kissed me like this? If he’d kissed me at all?
At last, Master withdrew, leaving Trellen breathless and trembling.
“You enjoyed that,” his Master said, making it sound almost like an accusation, although there was so much amusement in his tone, Trellen had no difficulty imagining the smile on his face.
Except he had no idea what his Master’s face looked like. “When can I see you?”
Master brushed the hair from Trellen’s face and pressed another, much softer, kiss Trellen’s his lips. “When you tell me what it is you truly fear, I will bring in as many glow orbs as your heart desires. Then and only then will you see me.”
Trellen waivered—but then shook his head. To reveal his fears—his real fears, not just the things every Cetacean was afraid of—would be to risk having them exploited. And has he not already exploiting my fear of darkness?
Master heaved a sigh. “Have it your way, Pretty. But now,” he shifted, so that Trellen could feel Master’s hard cock against his tail, “it is your turn to satisfy my need.”


Crane Hana said...

I found your link over on the Love Romances Cafe group, and just read the first seven chapters. Great work!

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Thank you so much!

Alicia Nordwell said...

I just caught up too! :D So many great stories online, and so little time, but this is definitely going in my TBR list whenever I get the chance to check for updates. There's just something about tentacles lately--it seems to be the 'big' thing in, but this story was well done. Lots of anticipation build up, just by removing the one sense of sight, especially when it's contrasted so sharply by all the touch sensory input.

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Thanks, Alicia! :)