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Tentacles and Chain (ch. 6)

Chapter Six

TRELLEN steeled himself against the inevitable, gripping the chains that secured his wrists to the ceiling. He swore to Kaia he wouldn’t react this time—but it was no use. Master touched the slit covered his pe—his cock—and a shiver ran down Trellen’s spine, causing him to moan. 


It was an ugly, vulgar word, but what better way to describe what was happening to him but ugly and vulgar? His body seemed to have a mind of its own, and one completely devoid of decency, because more than anything, he wanted Master’s hand around his member.

My cock.

His head lolled back against a powerful shoulder and he squeezed his eyes shut as if that could somehow make this all go away. But Master didn’t stop. He slid one finger into the slit and Trellen whimpered. “Please.” Don’t. He bit his lip and gripped the chains so hard he was sure his knuckles were turning white. “Please,” he all but sobbed as his hips bucked forward. 

Master touched his cock, sending a jolt of pleasure speeding through Trellen’s whole body. 


Cock, cock, cock.

He repeated the word in his head over and over Maser caressed the organ in question, bringing it to its full length so that it jutted obscenely out of its protective slit. 

“Very nice,” Master crooned in his ear. He took hold of Trellen’s cock and began to stroke it very, very slowly, making Trellen squirm with frustration.

Shame burned in his face, but he couldn’t seem to shop his hips from rocking back and forth in time with the rhythm of Master’s hand. Goddess, what was happening to him? It was like there was a wave inside him, forever mounting, but never crashing against the shore, because somehow, no matter how close it seemed, the shore kept moving further back, making it unreachable.

“Very good, Pretty. You cannot tell me you aren’t enjoying this every bit as much as I am.” As Master spoke, he rubbed his own erection against Trellen’s spine as if to prove how much he was enjoying Trellen’s misery. 

Trellen bit his lip to try and stop the noises coming out of his mouth, soft moans and whimpers, but it was as difficult to be silent as it was to be still. Soft lips pressed against Trellen’s neck and Master slid his other hand around Trellen’s waist. He caressed his stomach…his hip…he slid his hand around to the front of Trellen’s tail. 

“Goddess, please don’t,” Trellen breathed, when Master touched his anal slit. “Please. Don’t. Don’t!” He tried to jerk away from the unwanted touch, but it was no use. Master held him tight and caressed his entrance. “Not there. Don’t touch—”

“Shhhh.” Master continued rubbing his cock, using slow, smooth strokes. “Tell me why I should not touch you wherever I desire.” His tone was gentle. Patient. He feathered another kiss to Trellen’s shoulder. 

“B-because….” Because decent people didn’t do that to one another! “It…it’s a…a private place.” Each word was a struggle to get out. 

“Do you not belong to me in your entirety?” Master asked, as he skimmed his fingertip over Trellen’s anal slit once more. 

Trellen whimpered and bit his lip. He did. “Why do you want to touch me there?”

“Because I wish to make you feel good.”

“But I don’t want—” the sudden intrusion, one slender finger penetrating his most private crevice, made him gasp. 

“But I do,” Master countered. “You are mine. Every inch of you belongs to me and I will touch you where and how I please.” He slid his finger deeper and Trellen’s shame rose—shame at the obscenity being forced on him, and shame in the spark of Lightning that ignited in his veins, pleasure so intense it was almost painful. One finger became two, and Master not only slid them in and out, causing flash after flash of Lightning to course through Trellen’s body, but he scissored them back and forth, splaying Trellen’s opening wide in a vulgar display.

Trellen struggled against the invasion. “Please—oh!” He cried and clutched the chains holding him tight. Was it possible to die of too much pleasure? “Please!” More? Stop? He didn’t know what he wanted anymore. 

“You are mine,” Master whispered into his ear, his tone was tender, despite the abuse he was inflicting on Trellen’s body and soul. “Every part of you belongs to me. And every part of you is on display for my enjoyment. From now on, your pleasure comes only from me.” With that, he inserted a third finger while at the same time pumping Trellen’s cock at a furious pace.

All Trellen could do was ride out the storm of pleasure—shame—until it finally crashed over him, pulling him under. He cried out as his orgasm erupted into the water. 

Master held him as he shook. Sobbed. Trellen had never felt so vulnerable. So humiliated. 

So sated. 

“Shhhh,” Master caressed his chest and kissed the back of his neck. “You are so beautiful, my Pretty,” he murmured. “Truly, there is nothing to be ashamed of.” 

It was only then that Trellen realized he wasn’t the only one who had come. Master’s cock was slack against his back. 

Master’s lips curled up into a smile against Trellen’s skin as if he’d noticed Trellen’s silent observation. “You see what you did to me, Pretty? Watching your ecstasy was enough to bring me to my own completion. But rest assured, the next time I will take my pleasure from you in a far more direct way.” He pressed one last  kiss to Trellen’s neck then slowly unfurled his tentacles and released the chains. 

Trellen slumped to the floor. Next time. 

The prospect terrified him.

Thrilled him. 

He wanted it. 

He hated himself for it.  

And I can never go home again. Despite Trellen’s certainty that it would never happen, a short hour was all it had taken to corrupt his soul. Otherwise I wouldn’t have enjoyed that so much. 

“Come.” Master touched his shoulder. 

This time Trellen didn’t hesitate. He accepted his Master’s hand and allowed himself to be brought upright. “What now?” He was almost afraid to ask. 

“Now you should rest, my Pretty.” He pulled Trellen close and began moving through the darkness. 

“Where…where are you taking me?” Please, not back to that tiny cell. 

“To someplace comfortable. Someplace safe.” 

Which didn’t answer the question, but Trellen was too afraid to push him, so he concentrated on trying to figure it out for himself—but it was useless. He could get no sense of direction in the dark. 

At last, they emerged from the narrow passage—Trellen could reach out and feel the rough, rocky walls—into a larger room. 

“Here we are,” Master announced, loosening his grip on Trellen’s waist.

“Will you let me have another glow orb?” he asked hopefully.

 Master guided him to the far wall and eased him onto a low bed of soft sand. “I will light the chamber when you tell me what you fear.”

“I told you. I fear the dark.”

“And I told you,” he countered, settling in next to Trellen, so that they sat side by side, “All Cetaceans fear the dark. I wish to know what you fear.” 

“I fear you.” 

Master chuckled. “All Cetaceans fear the ‘Unspeakable Ones’.” 

Though there was humor in his voice, there seemed to be something else as well. Sadness? But how could there be sadness? 

“Tell me, my Pretty, what have I done to cause you fear?”

“Besides bringing me here against my will?”

He conceded the point without irritation. “Yes. Besides that. Since you have been here, what have I done that was so terrible?” 

Trellen opened his mouth but then shut it again. What had just happened was terrible. But I want more. 

Master coaxed him to lie down, then he lay next to Trellen, one arm wrapped around Trellen’s body, but the other…if Trellen had to guess, he would say that Master was propped up on one elbow, looking at him. “When you tell me what it is you truly fear, I will light the chamber as bright as you like.” He feathered a soft kiss to Trellen’s temple. “Now sleep. You’ve earned it and tomorrow…tomorrow will bring new pleasures for us both.” 

He snuggled in next to Trellen, holding him close, and that brought a strange and unexpected measure of comfort as the darkness of uneasy sleep replaced the darkness of uncomfortable reality. 


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