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Tentacles and Chain (Ch 2.)

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Chapter Two

Trellen couldn’t tell if he’d dozed off or not, not when there was nothing but darkness whether his eyes were opened or closed.  It was impossible to even know how much time had passed. Hours? Days? It felt like a long time; he was numb with the cold and ravenous with hunger. Fear continued to claw at his heart while hopelessness ate away at his soul. Perhaps he would die there, alone in the dark.
Perhaps death would be a mercy.
His childhood had been filled with tales of the Unspeakable Ones, monstrous beings who lived in the dark of Below. But surely those were just tales to frighten children, stories made up to keep young Cetaceans safely within the colony’s reef wall. There was danger in the open sea. Sharks. Men and their leviathans. Those were real. But there was no such thing as monsters.
Was there?
Who else could have brought me here?
Trellen shifted and opened his eyes again—and realized wasn’t alone anymore. He couldn’t see anything, but he sensed it. Felt it. The icy water tasted different. Saltier. More acidic. Whatever it was, it was hovering just outside his cell. Watching. Waiting.  
Long moments ticked past, and fear mounted in Trellen’s chest until he was sure he would burst apart if something didn’t happen soon. Finally, he called out, “Hello?”
Heart-pounding moments passed by without a response. Was he merely imagining that he felt something there?
“Please…is…is someone there?”
Still nothing.
“What do you want with me?” It was the one question he was afraid to ask, because he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the answer. “Why did you bring me here?”
But still, there was only silence.
A spark of green light flared in the darkness, making Trellen wince and raise his arm up to shield his eyes. Before his vision could adjust enough for him to make out who—or what—was there, a tiny glow orb sailed through the water and landed next to his tail.
By then his eyes was accustomed enough to the unexpected light that he realized it wasn’t bright at all. The glow orb only gave off enough eerie green light to illuminate a very small area—it had only seemed so bright because he’d been sitting in the dark for so long.
Tentatively, he picked up the orb and held it out, hoping to see his captor’s face—praying he wouldn’t see anything. Only a monster would hide in the dark.
His prayer was answered. The light was too dim to penetrate the black waters beyond his cell. Trellen swallowed back a mouth full of bile and fear. “Who are you? Why did you bring me here?” he repeated.
Beyond Trellen’s circle of light, the darkness shifted, came closer. It was moving. The shadows were moving. He scooted back as far as he could, until his back was up against the rough wall, but still the tendrils of shadow continued to creep toward him.
Only they weren’t shadows.
They were tentacles.
Long and black and thick with muscle, slipping through the bars of the cage.
Trellen stared at them for a heartbeat more, then pushed up off the floor, flattening himself against the wall, clutching the glow orb tighter. He slid along the rough surface until he came to the corner—but to turn it would bring him closer to the bars, to the darkness.
To the Unspeakable One.
“What do you want?”
But it didn’t answer.
With panic mounting, Trellen went back the way he’d come. The tentacles followed him, moving slow and steady while Trellen’s heart beat so fast, he was sure it explode right out of his chest. There was no escape.
“Stay away from me! Please!” Don’t hurt me. He couldn’t wrench the words out of his throat. He swam up to the ceiling, beating his tail against the water—but it didn’t matter. There was nowhere to go.
One of the tentacles slipped around the base of his tail and Trellen screamed. In a blind panic, he thrashed against it, nearly dropping his only source of light—his only source of comfort. “P-please! Don’t! Let me go! What do you want!” He pounded against the wall with his fist, hoping to break it. It held fast.
The Unspeakable One tightened its grip until Trellen couldn’t do more than wriggle pathetically. How could anything be so strong? He was going to die there, he was sure of it. “Please don’t—”
“If I wanted to harm you, little one,” came a soft, calm voice, distinctly male, but so very alien, “I would have done so already. If you do not fight me, I will continue to not harm you.”
It was far from reassuring, but Trellen forced himself to be still. Or at least, not to do more than tremble. The creature loosened its grip, but didn’t let go. It took all of Trellen’s willpower not to try to break free or start thrashing again, especially when the tentacle began spiraling slowly up his tail.
“Please,” he whimpered. He could feel every suction cup, every ripple of muscle. Goddess, was the creature going to crush him?
Trellen bit his lip and stayed as still as he could and finally the tentacle stopped, just above his hips, its very tip resting on the smooth skin of his stomach. Instinctively, Trellen drew his arms higher up on his chest, not wanting to touch it. Wanting it off him. “What do you want with me?”
“For right now, I would simply like you to come closer.” And with that, he gave a gentle tug on Trellen’s tail.
Trellen’s breath caught and he squeezed his eyes shut.
“Come,” the monster coaxed.
Trellen gave a shaky nod and allowed himself to be pulled right up to the bars—but even when he opened his eyes again, he still couldn’t see anything but tentacles and black water. “What are you?”
His chuckle was a cold ripple in the water. “You know that already. But you…you are a pretty one.” He slid his tentacle higher up Trellen’s stomach and began to caress his skin.
Trellen shuddered both with fear and unexpected pleasure at the strange touch. He clutched onto the glow orb as if it could somehow protect him. “Wh-what do you want with me?”
“Pretty and persistent.” He sounded amused and Trellen imagined a wicked smile—did Unspeakable Ones have mouths?
They must. How else could they eat? And what did they eat?
Please, don’t let it be Cetaceans.
“What are you called, pretty?” his captor inquired.
He swallowed hard, but the lump in his throat remained. “Trellen.” It was a small triumph that he said it without stuttering.
“A very pretty name, too.” There was no mistaking the pleasure in his tone. He shifted his grip on Trellen’s tail so his tentacle rubbed obscenely against the twin slits just below Trellen’s waist. One slit concealed his anus, the other his penis.
Trellen’s breath hitched as unwelcome sensations flowed through him. He tried to pull away, but that only made it worse. Heat enflamed his cheeks as he felt desire rising; any second now, his member would slip out of its protective fold and betray his arousal.
Goddess, what am I to be aroused by a monster’s touch? Did he have no self-control? “Please. Stop.”
Trellen was only barely aware of the tentacles snaking their way around his wrists—but then his arms were pulled wide in a swift, sudden movement. The creature stopped rubbing against him and asked, “Would you prefer that I hurt you?”
Trellen gulped in water and tried to pull free, but it was no use. He wasn’t strong enough.  “Please don’t.” If the thing wanted to, it could probably rip his arms off.
But the Unspeakable One’s hold slacked, though he didn’t let go. “You asked what I wanted of you.” Another tentacle slid up Trellen’s chest and lightly cupped his chin. The Unspeakable One tilted it, so Trellen was forced to look straight ahead, presumably into the face of his captor.  “Here is my answer: I desire nothing from you. I desire simply you.”
Trellen’s eyes went wide. “I-I don’t understand.”
The creature chuckled, creating another icy ripple in the water. “Oh, I think you do, Pretty.” He dropped Trellen’s chin and eased his tentacles from Trellen’s wrists, gliding them down his arms, caressing Trellen’s skin. The sensual touch made Trellen shudder from both fear and pleasure—and the fear was as much from his own reaction as from the Unspeakable One’s words.
“But the choice is yours,” the creature went on. “You will be mine or not by your own will, not by force.” And with that, he let go and withdrew his tentacles fully from the cell, so that Trellen was left shaking, barely able to stay upright, his traitorous body  tingling everywhere the Unspeakable One had touched it.
Why did it have to feel good?
“What…what happens if I say no?” Trellen wanted—needed—to know.
“Very little. You will not leave here. But I will not harm you any more than I will touch you again unless you agree to be mine. Neither will I coerce you or threaten you, my Pretty. In fact, I will never ask you the question again.” 


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