Saturday, June 21

Tentacle Sex!

Bet that got your attention *smirk*

But no, if you were expecting kinky manga style tentacle sex, I'm sorry to say, I have to disappoint you. I'm talking about aquatic sex. You know, icthyosapienMerman sex.

Or, more accurately cephaloman sex.

I guess I should start out by explaining what I mean by cephaloman, because it's my own creation. Or...well, I'm hardly the first person to have dreamed up the idea, it's just the name I came up with to describe the cryptoid in question. 

cephalopod is anything in the squid/octopus/nautilus family. A cephaloperson (or in the case of my writing, a cephaloman) is basically an octopus-merman (think Ursula from Disney's Little Mermaid, but you know, male and sexy). There are some great illustrations on Deviant Art. I've done some drawings, too--unfortunately, all of my work is boxed up at the moment because we're still trying to get settled into the new house. 

So why am I thinking about tentacle sex? Because I'm a little over 13,000 words into what was supposed to be a short, fun free-read for my website. It's still fun and it's still going to be a free-read, but I think I left "short" in the dust about 8000 words ago!  Tentacles and Chain is essentially PWP (Porn with Plot) and I'll be the first one to admit that it's a little thin on the plot. I probably could fluff it out with some plot if I wanted to (or more accurately, if I wanted to put more plot on the page), but then it wouldn't be quite as much fun. (I needed a break from Palo and Derrik, which is a very plot/angst heavy hurt/comfort BDSM story.) Tentacles and Chain has some BDSM/Kink elements (mostly D/s), a lot of dub-con (in a strictly fantasy setting). There's kind of a fairy tale aspect to it, because we can get away with things in fairy tales that are just plain creepy (and would get you arrested) in real life. 

The plan for Tentacles and Chain is that starting on July 5th, I'll put up a chapter a week here, collect the whole thing on it's own blogger site (accessible from here)--and give away a hard (paperback) copy of it at the end of Grace Duncan's BDSM Blog Hop. So one (or maybe two) lucky readers will get to read the whole thing long before everyone else!

Technically, Tentacles and Chain is BDSM done wrong (that whole dub-con thing), but it's still a fun, kinky romp (a guy with tentacles just has to be kinky as hell and into bondage), so I'm hoping readers will forgive me (or if dub-con isn't your thing, just not read it, because I totally get that dub-con has some nasty connotations for some folks.) 

During the Blog Hop, I'll be talking about BDSM done right, and my own experiences in it (which I touched on couple of weeks ago right here, when I was talking a little bit about Bound: Damaged Goods.)  

So, back to tentacle sex. If you want to learn more about real octopus sex, I recommend this video (brought to us by the same man who does the sad cat diary). 

But fantasy octopus sex--or cephaloman sex--is a different matter, because for it to be even remotely sexy, he really has to have fairly recognizable boy-bits and they had to be more or less where we expect boy bits to be. So instead of a scary beak between his legs...erm tentacles, Mr. Octopus-man has a lovely cock and it functions just like a human male's does--and right behind it, there's an opening...well. You get the idea. (I did bow to Mother Nature and put my merman's anal opening up front, under his cock-slit--basically just like real cetaceans, Mr. Merman has two slits/flaps one for his penis and one for his anal channel. See. I can be tasteful and clinical when I want to be *G*.)

Seriously though, how many people have a job that requires them to think, in detail, about tentacle sex?

I love my job.

I hope you'll stop back by on July 5th for the first chapter of Tentacles and Chain as well as a few words about BDSM, particularly the D/s aspect of it (which is really my favorite part of BDSM) and a chance to win a hard copy of Tentacles and Chain, which by the way, will have a cover drawn by the talented Augusta Li. (I could not possibly be more thrilled that Gus agreed to do the cover for me.)

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