Sunday, December 8

Rainbow Book Awards!

I just found out my novel Bond: Forget Me Knot placed in the 2013 Rainbow Book Awards, under best of illustrated covers. A HUGE thank you and hearty CONGRATULATIONS to my awesome, wonderful, sweet and super talented cover artist Shobana Appavu

You TOTALLY rock!  

I met Bob (Shobana) a couple of years ago at a Dreamspinner conference, and talked to her about doing the cover for Bound, which had then just been contracted (I learned that weekend that it was going to be accepted for publication--nothing like going to ask your publisher a question and having her say "by the way, the contract for your book is in my mailbox, I just didn't get a chance to get it out before getting on a plane to come here." )

Over the next few weeks, Bob and I shot emails back and forth and she showed me a few photos that might serve as references. I was glad she had some ideas, because I had no idea what I wanted. I'm an artist and a very visual person, but I swear, when it comes to my writing, I'm usually in the dark. Thank goodness for the awesome art department at DSP! 

As soon as I saw the rough draft, I fell in love. She'd captured Jason and Henry so beautifully. 

I am so absolutely thrilled Bound won an award for the cover--so again, congrats to Bob and to all of the other Rainbow Award winners! 

To celebrate, because they are TOTALLY AWESOME, Dreampsinner Press has put all of their Rainbow Award Winner books on sale from now until December 15th (ebooks only). Maybe it's time to do a little holiday shopping for yourself...or your favorite little m/m loving elves.  ;-) Click here to get to the sale page.

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