Wednesday, October 2

Theme Music

Last week or so, my friend J.P. Barnaby posted a beautiful blog entry about personal theme songs. It was beautiful because hers (Blackbird, by the Beatles) tells such a powerful story, much more so than most of my theme songs ever have. 

But that still got me thinking. I think we all have some song, or maybe a set of songs, that resonates with us for some reason, and what I'd really like is to hear yours. 

I have several. 

When I was an angry (not really, but I thought I was), rebellious (not by a long shot, but I thought I was), angsty (guilty) teenager, I thought this was my theme song. The audio on this version is less than stellar, but there's something important about the live performance. I saw Siouxsie and the Banshees in concert in the mid-eighties (this recording is from 79, 'I think) and I'm very happy to say they performed a bunch of their older stuff, including my "theme song" 

Then I grew up. And like most people growing up, I hit a serious rough patch. This is probably the most serious theme song my life has ever had. I actually did use it as a sort of therapy at one point, to help me get down to all the icky stuff so I could deal with it. (I chose the live version of this one because the video is kind of gross). 

You know, listening to it again (haven't really listened to it since the mid-90's) I think I was more of a mess than I thought if that was what resonated with me! Yikes. I'm glad I got better!

This is the song I put as a "caveat"  on the compilation CD I made for my husband as part of his wedding gift from me. 

There are a couple of other songs that are special to me, especially this one:

Favorite line: 
It's not having what you want,
it's wanting what you've got.

I want to leave you with one more song. It's not a theme song per se, but it definitely resonates with me. I kinda hope it resonates with you, too:

(unfortunately, I didn't care for any of 
the live performances on Youtube; it's a shame
Abney Park puts on an amazing show)

Now it's your turn. 

Favorite song?
Theme song?
Something that resonates?

Leave a comment below and tell me about it!


I realized belatedly that there is a song that should have made the list. Before I got all angsty and hormonal, Howard Jones "New Song" was my favorite song ever. I still play it all the time, too!

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Tali Spencer said...

When I'm despondent (seldom), I identify with "Someone to Pull the Trigger" by Matthew Sweet. "...everything I'll ever be, I've been..." How sad is that? But sometimes it feels that way.

But I'm more likely to be pumping my fist to the "Kingdom Hearts" theme because my life is just one sweeping, sometimes exciting, sometimes triumphant, video game. I win! :)