Thursday, September 26


I don't think I've ever been so pleased to see the backside of a week as I am see the end of this one. 

Now. It wasn't all bad. I got a couple of great reviews on my new book and I read a couple of amazing books, too. But on Sunday, I had a fight (sort of) with my sister and my teenaged daughter. (But because we're family, of course we all still love each other. That's what it's all about). On Monday, I got a nasty awful virus (yes, I have anti-virus software, no, I'm not the first person this person this awful thing has zapped. I genuinely there is a special circle in hell *just* for the people who make these things--and an even worse place for the people who do it just to profit off others. I know better than to cough up $300 because my computer freezes and the screen says the DOJ has taken control of my computer, but apparently in their panic, others have paid. And still not gotten their computers unlocked. Go figure). Tuesday, I just had a kind of stuck around on Wednesday, but after a couple of glasses of wine, I didn't notice so much  ;-)  

Today, I have my computer back and I can do some writing. (I actually did do a little yesterday on hubby's laptop--my wonderful husband who sat at Micro Center and refused to leave until somebody took my computer off the shelf and started working on it. No, I wasn't trying to cut ahead in line, I was perfectly happy to take my place in the proverbial queue. I just wasn't happy that my machine had been left on the shelf because my assigned technician had the day off. He's totally entitled to a day off--and while he takes it, a colleague should take over his work so that customers don't have to wait unnecessarily.)

Today I can be happy because the fight has blown over. I was the one hanging on, probably because I was pissed about other stuff. 

And today, I can celebrate what's left of Bi Pride Week reading other people's thoughts on the subject. Here's a great one from Posy Roberts.

Today I can get back to my life and appreciate all over again how much I love writing--how necessary writing is to *my* heart and soul because the last few days have been miserable. I could work, but I couldn't really work as much as I wanted on the things that I wanted because they were all on a computer in the shop.

Oh, and tomorrow, I can start figuring out how to back up my writing because the scariest few hours of my life was when the technician told me he wasn't sure he'd be able to save the data on my hard drive because he couldn't find it.

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Sara said...

What a week! Glad you didn't lose anything important and that the fight has blown over.

As for writing backup, I'd recommend Google drive (formerly Google docs) for an option in addition to a flash drive or external hard drive. It's nice to have non-physical storage (well it's stored on a server somewhere technically, but not in your home, that's the point).

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!