Sunday, September 1

Bisexual Pride Month!

Okay, so I should have had this post up earlier today. It was just one of those days.
But to start off, I'd like to offer up a quick review of a book that featured a bisexual character or two in a little ménage sci-fi novella that was just 108 pages long.
Here's the blurb:
In a world without men, one man stands out.

Dara Athol should really get over this heterosexual thing. After all, in her twenty-third-century world, men are but a distant memory. Yet she can’t help it; she’s a self-admitted throwback.

She tried the “couple” thing, but though she and Brynn are still friends with benefits, Dara finds true solace only in the arms of Kai143. A limited-edition android sex toy, an expensive service provided by The Consortium for those who want a taste of the exotic—making love to something with a Y chromosome.

When Kai grows beyond his programming and begins to think and feel for himself, his feelings for Dara grow into forbidden love. Forced to go on the run from The Consortium, the police, and society itself, Dara and Kai fight for survival—and for the elusive possibility of a different kind of future.

Product Warnings
Contains an anatomically correct, fully functional android with no off switch. Like the Energizer bunny, he just keeps going…and going…and going…
Samhain Publishing Ltd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
My Review:
What started out as a potentially trite, cliché plot quickly turned on its ear, twisting the story in unexpected ways to deliver up a fresh take on some old tropes. And nothing makes me happier than being happily surprised when an author doesn't take the well worn road and give another Logan's Run or Blade Runner (classics, yes, but those stories can only be told so many times).

When Good Toys Go Bad was a pleasure to read on every level, so although I don't generally read anything involving "f" whether it's f/f or m/f, I totally recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind a little "f" in their romance.
Now could somebody please tell me why I have that stupid Robin Thicke song in my head...."cause you're a good toy...."  or something like that. 


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