Sunday, July 28

Writing Blues

So it's been a while since I posted. I've had the blues. This time it wasn't the editing blues, it was the writing blues. And it's not just that I've been fighting off depression, because really this time of year is pretty good for me.  Well, except for the heat, but I spent most of that week tucked up in my office hiding out with the air conditioner!
No, the blues are what happened when I realized my story wasn't coming together because I was trying to tell too much story--which might not have happened if I'd outlined like I said I was going to.
So guess what I'm doing today??
I'm not actually outlining *that* story, I'm starting over on something new (using one of the story elements from that story, one that was never a part of the original idea) and outlining a new novel. I'm hoping to have it done *ahead* of schedule for a change.
But...(isn't there always a but?) I'm also starting to pack up my house because we're moving! Nothing is set in stone just yet, hubby is still looking for a job, but he's got what feels like a promising nibble, so could, conceivably be gone in a month. Yikes! But it's a good yikes. Except for the part where I have to pack up my house...and condense it down to only what will fit into a two bedroom apartment, probably just about the time my tomatoes are starting to get ripe.
I don't recall planting seeds of change with my garden this year, but it's definitely going to be a change for the better.
And I'm pretty stoked about the new story I'm working on too (and the fact that after I finish it, I should be able to fix A Place to Belong.)
In the meantime, I am thrilled beyond belief to have gotten the second round of edits on Hanging by the Moment out the door last week!


B Snow said...

Hope things look up for you! We've said we're never moving again -- we just have too much stuff. Fingers crossed for the job and the tomatoes. :)

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Thanks, Bee! We'd never planned to move again, but poop happened at hubby's job and we know it's only going to get worse. Since his job was the only thing *really* tying us to MI, we decided to look at one of the states we really want to live. To quote the Indigo Girls, "when God made me born a Yankee, he was only teasin'" :)