Saturday, June 1

Sexy Saturday Blog Hop

A weekly blog hop for sexy writing--now that's my kind of hop!
The premise is simple: every Saturday fifty or so of us (romance writers, both published and unpublished) will blog seven words, seven sentences, or seven paragraphs of something sexy! And isn't it just perfect that I have seven incredibly sexy sentences happening at the very start of Chapter Seven of A Place To Belong, my nearly finished WIP?
Chapter Seven 

Dillon’s eyes rolled back in his head as soft pink lips descended on his aching cock; the heat was unreal. “Oh God, that feels…sweet Jesus.” There were no words to describe the heaven that was Andy’s velvety mouth. He flicked his tongue along Dillon’s glans and moaned, causing Dillon to groan as the vibration shot through his whole body. Good God, it had been so long. He clutched the sofa cushions to try and keep from bucking, not wanting to choke Andy.

But Andy didn’t seem to mind; he swallowed Dillon’s cock with ease, sucking hard and laving his tongue eagerly around the shaft.


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Sara said...

UNF. Definitely a sexy Saturday tidbit! Looking forward to that book, and more imminently, Hanging by the Moment

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