Friday, June 14

Cool New Swag!

I just got in some awesome new swag: tote bags! Tote bags are seriously one of my favorite items.

I ordered 2 designs:
HIV awareness
"Together we can make this an HIV / AIDS Free Generation
Awareness, Understanding, Compassion"

my Love Letters tote bag:
"Romance where boy meets boy"

And as promised, I've selected a random subscriber to receive their choice one of tote bags AND a $10 Dreamspinner Gift Certificate.

Part of my "evil plot" here was to let the winner come to the website and pick their design because sometimes sending big ol' picture files totally screws up someone's email. Of course, showing off cool new swag if fun too!

I'll be donating a bag with the top design to AIDS Partnership Michigan's fundraiser / silent auction in October--and a number of awesomely wonderful Dreamspinner authors have offered to help me fill it with books and swag!

A HUGE thank you to

Shira Anthony
Cate Ashwood
Lex Chase
Shae Connor
Grace R. Duncan
Lane Hayes
Marguerite Labbe
Tempeste O'Riley
Andrea Speed
Tali Spencer

The rest of the bags will be given away as part of promotions/giveaways in the coming months--including random unannounced giveaways to my newsletter subscribers.

If you haven't signed up yet and you'd like to, you can click SUBSCRIBE.

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