Thursday, May 9

The Writing Life: Goals and Sacrifices

Part 2

What are your writing goals for the rest of the year?

My immediate goal is to finish my WIP, which is coming along nicely, if not as quickly as I would like. Getting an outline nailed down has helped tremendously, however and I have genuinely high hopes for the next two novels.
Which are part of my goals for the rest of the year (my goal is actually 3 more novels after my WIP, but I haven't nailed the third one down yet. I'm either going to do another contemporary, or the sequel to either Bound or Heart's Home.)
Another goal is to start a monthly newsletter (you can subscribe by clicking here)--and I'd like to have at least 100 names on my mailing list by the end of the year. I'm trying to blog as close to every day as I can without resorting to posting cat memes.
I'd also really like to get my act together and do a proper blog tour for Hanging by the Moment because Pasha and Daniel deserve it.
And I know I'd better finish up Henry and Jason's story before some of you wonderful people show up on my doorstep with buckets of tar and feather pillows!
All of those plans take work and time and effort. It also take some organization which, let's be honest, isn't my strong suit--but mostly, they take time and that means giving stuff up.
But even though I'm working on giving up some things, I've started volunteering with AIDS Partnership Michigan. Currently I'm there once a week, but after next week I'm going to start making that two days a week because some things are worth making time for and I'd like to do more work out in the community, which means getting more training. Somethings are so totally worth the time they take, and this is just one of them. I wanted to do more than donate a percentage of my royalties from Hanging by the Moment I wanted to volunteer my time, too. That's more valuable to me than money.
This year, I'm doing more in person promotional stuff, like Media*West Con and I've just started making plans to be at the OutWrite Book Fair in DC, in August. Next Easter, I'll be in Tampa for Rainbow Con.
And I'd like to still have a life while I'm at it ;-)  (I'm going down to Ohio to spend a week with my friends and Shamanic teachers at Dragon Waters for a workshop, the first one I've been able get to in ages and this weekend, I'm going camping with some Pagan friends. But I'm taking my laptop to both the camp ground and to Ohio.) And I'd like to paint more this year because I miss it.
Like I said yesterday, in order to achieve our goals, we need to be willing to make sacrifices. I have to give up time in front of the television, time on Youtube, and time mindlessly surfing Facebook. Social networking is one thing, but FB is really my biggest downfall. The Sims used to be, but I haven't played that in forever. I had to give it up. I have to tell my beloved husband that no, I do not want to watch Doctor Who RIGHT NOW, because right now I'm working. And there may be friends I don't get to see as often--but I'm pretty lucky that my friends get how important this is to me.
Not everyone is as lucky and I know it--and I did leave a crit group because of some of the unsupportive shit I was getting. Not from everyone, but when the shit got to be more than it was worth.... time to go. But I miss some of them. I even miss the guy who gave me shit. I just know that it's more valuable for me to seek out critiques from people who understand and support my genre.
So there are my goals. Feel free to nag me anytime if I start blogging about Doctor Who (or cat memes!)
To everyone who has already signed up for my newsletter a huge, huge thank you! If you think you're interested, I'm a long way off from that goal of 100 names.

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