Thursday, May 30

Blog Hop Winners!

That was a very long blog hop! But I had fun--I hope everybody who stopped by did, too.
My winners are: Casey and NJ Nielson. Their gift certificatre are in the "mail" (email).
Remember, I'm doing another giveaway for everyone who is signed up for my first newsletter (due out June 15).  In addition to a $10 gift certificate to DSP, the winner of that drawing will also win some mighty cool swag. (And of course, I don't have pictures up yet...) I just ordered some tote bags from Vista Print. The winner will get his/her choice of one the two designs.
There will be more random giveaways for newsletter subscribers, as well as fun stuff every month. Yes, of course I want to make sure the people who are the most interested in my books hear about them first, but I also want to make sure I give something back to my readers. You guys are important to me.
Last weekend, I was at MediaWest Con, in Lansing MI, and someone asked "why do I do conventions?" The answer isn't really "to make money", although we did sell a lot of books (but not nearly enough to cover hotel rooms and sushi!) the answer is to meet people, becasue readers are wone over one at a time. Only it doesn't stop there. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my readers. I never want you guys to think I've forgotten that.
I blogged a little bit about MediaWest and cons in general over on Tempeste O'Riley's blog yesterday.

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