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Bound to Please Ch. 1

I've had numerous requests for a sequel to Bound: Forget Me Knot, and while I am working on a spin off (and possibly a sequel), I have a lot of material that I'd written for the novel that got cut from the final draft that won't find its way into either. This is one way to present that material and also to say thank you to everyone who has let me know how much they loved Bound. I am grateful and intimidated at the same time! 

A number of people commented that it ended abruptly. It did. But I felt (still feel) that the next chapter was the start of another story, so I chose to type "the end" right where I did. It wasn't easy. I wasn't ready to let Jason and Henry go.

And...well...I haven't  ;-)

Originally, I started the next chapter with Jason and Henry’s arrival at Henry’s house, but then I remembered that chastity device. Reader reviews also gave me some things to think about, so I decided to start literally right were the book leaves off.

Please bear in mind that this has NOT been professionally edited AND that it's going to be just as adult in nature as the original story. It is my sincerest hope to update weekly, but depending on the demands of life, I may have to adjust that as necessary. When I decide I've reached "the end", I'll archive the whole thing together on blogger and maybe put it out as a free ebook on Amazon.  

And of course if you're so inclined to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks and enjoy!


To you, my readers. I definitely could not do this without you!!

Bound to Please
copyright H.B. Pattskyn

Chapter One

Jason ran his fingers over the sturdy leather as if feeling it for the first time. The collar had never felt so heavy—or so real—as it did just then. He snuck a peek at  his reflection in the mirror; Henry was standing behind him, his hands still resting on Jason’s arms.

“Like what you see, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.” Master. The word suddenly felt more real too. It wasn’t long distance anymore, it was seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. It was everything Jason wanted and it scared him to death.
No, Henry was everything he wanted and what Henry wanted was a full time, real life slave. The only way to have Henry was to give him that. It had been a lot easier to think about in the abstract.
“I’m afraid we’ve got us a little unfinished business, boy.” Henry’s tone was gentle, but Jason swallowed hard anyway. He knew exactly what Henry was talking about. “You earned it,” Henry reminded him. “Best to get it over with now.”

“Yes, Sir.” Eight days in the chastity device—and that wasn’t counting whatever Henry decided to tack on for his grades. But there was no way Henry could expect him to get “acceptable grades” now, not when he’d have to drop out of his classes because…Jason swallowed again. He was going home with Henry. To Ohio. To a place he’d never been, a place where he didn’t know anybody. What if Henry’s friends hated him? What if they thought he was too young, too immature, too in experienced? What if they thought he was stupid for getting himself into a situation like this in the first place? It wasn’t his fault his dad had kicked him out, but he could have stuck around, finished the semester, found a place—

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” Henry whispered into his ear.

“I’m scared.”


He closed his eyes; he didn’t want to tell Henry the truth. What if Henry changed his mind. Or decides it’s better for me to go back to Michigan. Maybe it was better. But he wanted Henry, he loved him.

But Henry hadn’t said it back.

Maybe that’s what was really wrong. Maybe if Henry had said ‘I love you too’ everything would be all right.

“I…I don’t know exactly,” Jason fibbed.

Henry let out a heavy sigh; when Jason opened his eyes again, he saw Henry studying him closely in the mirror, but he couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“There’s just all this stuff going through my head,” Jason told him.

“Remember what I said about talking to me. If you ever have second thoughts, or doubts—”

God, he couldn’t tell Henry the kinds of doubts he was having, but he had to tell him something. “I just…I want your friends to like me.”

The relief on Henry’s face was visible. “They’ll love you, boy.”

Jason looked up hopefully, but but he didn’t add ‘because I do’, he just pressed another soft kiss to  Jason’s temple. Then he stood up a little straighter and cleared his throat. “Now, I believe we were discussing that punishment. Would you like to tell me exactly what you did to earn eight days in a chastity device?”

Jason did his best to keep his tone neutral. “You told me I wasn’t allowed to swear anymore.” And he had managed to stop swearing in front of Henry (mostly), but when Henry asked him if he’d sworn around other people, he couldn’t lie. Well, he supposed he could have, it’s not like Henry would know. 

But I’d know. “Will you at least tell me why it’s such a big deal? Doesn’t everybody swear?”

“No, they don’t. Even if they did, there are lots of things that ‘everybody’ does that I don’t want you doing. Some of ’em because they’re bad for you and others because of this.” Henry touched the lock he’d just placed through the clasp of Jason’s collar. “Anyone who understands what this means will judge me by how you present yourself.”

Jason frowned. Nodded. He tried to wrap his head around it. Of course it made sense, but…but. Everything seemed like one big “but” because this was still the United States, it was the twenty first century, no one could actually own another person. But this is the choice you made, Jason reminded himself. He belonged to Henry because he wanted to belong to him, and that made real, at least for them.

Henry tucked his knuckles under Jason’s chin and gently tilted his head upward, so they were facing each other. “It’s my job to train you, boy, to teach you. I’m not just training you how to be a slave, I’m teaching you how to be my slave. And my slave does not swear like a sailor. I expect you to be quiet, attentive, and above all polite to everybody you meet, even people you don’t want to be polite to.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good boy. Now how about you go get dressed, run out to your car, and get me that chastity device.” It wasn’t really a request.

“Yes, Sir.” What else could he say?


“How’s the fit?”

Jason choked back the first word came to mind—a halfhearted “fine”— and he closed his eyes for a few seconds to let himself really absorb the way the thick metal ring felt around his cock and balls. It wasn’t too tight; it didn’t feel like it was going to fall off, either. It was heavy, but not so heavy he couldn’t deal with it. But he hated it—only the question wasn’t whether or not he liked it, it was how well did it fit. “I’m pretty sure it’s okay,” he finally said. “It reminds me a little of that metal cock ring I bought myself only not as loose.” A light flush of heat crept into his cheeks. Half the problem with the cock ring he’d bought himself was that he was afraid it would fall off and could just imagine it sliding down his pant leg and clattering to the floor at school or work.

“It’s kinda like buying a pair of shoes,” Henry told him gently. “You’ve gotta try on a few to figure out which ones fit. Or have a pretty good eye for size.” He winked.

Jason had the feeling it wasn’t so much that Henry had a pretty good eye for size so much as it was that Henry had done this before, probably to a lot of boys. The thought didn’t settle right.

He gave himself a good mental shake. It didn’t matter who there had been before him. He belonged to Henry now. He closed his eyes and tried to find that quiet place inside his own head that Henry had talked about, a place where the only two people who existed were the two of them. It should be easy; he was standing in front of his Master, feet apart, hands clasped behind his back, elbows out, just like Henry told him to. But he couldn’t seem to find any kind of peace. “Can… can I ask a question?” Jason asked, nibbling at his lower lip.

Henry nodded and sat back in the chair so he was gazing right up at him. “You can ask anything you want, anytime you want.”

“I was just…you said there were going to be changes, Sir? To our contract.”

Henry nodded. “We’ll talk about it when we get home.”

Not ‘my house’. ‘Home’. Jason licked his lips nervously. “I was just…could you give me some kind of idea what you’ve got in mind? Please?”

He gave him a long hard look, and for a moment Jason was sure he’d pissed him off—but then Henry’s expression softened. “Under the circumstances that’s a fair request. But in the very near future, you can expect start learning patience.” There was nothing harsh in Henry’s tone or expression but that sounded more like a threat than a promise.

“Yes, Sir,” Jason told him weakly.  

“Come here,” Henry tugged him gently into his lap.

Jason curled into him at once. It was easy to forget how afraid he was with Henry holding him. When stole a quick glance up at Henry’s face, it looked like he was enjoying it too.

“You honestly have no idea, do you?” Henry said softly.


“How much you get to me.” Then he cleared his throat. “We’ll talk about the details at home—and just to be clear, by that I mean we’ll work them out together. But you need to understand that belonging to me doesn’t just mean giving me a blowjob anytime I want one. It means cleaning my house and ironing my shirts.”
“Oh God.” Jason had the sudden image of himself as a nineteen fifties housewife. “Sorry, I…,” only instead of being upset by his outburst, Henry merely chuckled.

“Don’t worry, boy, you don’t have to wear an apron. Although…hmm…”

Jason gulped. He looked like he was considering it. “Please, no.”

“Wait ’til you see what I have in mind before you safeword out of it.”

“I still have that? A safeword?”

“Always,” Henry promised him. “I know what it says in books, that the difference between a slave and a sub is a safeword, but I have never been comfortable telling somebody they can never say ‘no’ to me. I expect you to use it judiciously, only when you are really, absolutely sure you can’t do something. If you’re not sure about something, just say so. We’ll talk.”

“So what’s the difference between a submissive and a slave?”

“A slave only gives up his or her rights once, at the start of the contract. After that, you belong to me. Every part of your life is mine to control unless I specifically tell you otherwise. A submissive doesn’t give up that kind of control and they give it up every single time they enter a scene with their Dom. If you’re with someone long enough, you don’t need a lengthy negotiation, but the thing is that as soon as the scene is over, the sub and Dom go back to being on equal footing. Unless of course, they have some other arrangement,” he added with a smile. “Every relationship is different, boy. It’s the people in it who define it. What makes you my slave and not my sub is that I own every part of your life.”

Jason chewed his lower lip. He nodded. “What about school and a job?”

“Oh you can bet your sweet little ass you’re going back to school. What you take will be completely up to you,” Henry added quickly. “I have my preferences, but my responsibility is help you grow and you can’t do that if I make every decision for you.”

“Isn’t that a contradiction?”

Henry chuckled. “Anyone who thinks Doms and Masters have it easy have never spent a day in a Dom’s boots.”

Jason nodded. “And the job part?” he asked.

“I have my preferences about that, too. I’d rather you put all your energy into getting a degree and taking care of me—and in that order. But I figure you’re gonna want to work and as long as you can find something that doesn’t interfere with your real priorities, I won’t tell you no.” But he didn’t sound happy about it.

“There’s no way I can go to school unless I have a job.” Unless…but Henry didn’t have that kind of money. He couldn’t really intend to…

“They don’t have Financial Aid in Michigan?”

“I don’t qualify for it.”

“And why’s that?”

“My…,” he stopped short. “I didn’t qualify for it because of my father’s income.”

Henry smirked. “That doesn’t count anymore. First thing tomorrow, we’ll head into town, get you an Ohio drivers’ license, change your address at the post office, and maybe swing by OU’s campus—”

“Ohio University. There’s a community college nearby, too. We can check them out. But I think I might assert my prerogative as Master and tell you that you’ve spent enough time at community college and it’s time to get into university.”

“Yes, Sir.” He was still a little dubious about the money, but maybe Henry was right about financial aid. “Thank you.”


“Talking to me.”

Henry ran his fingers lightly over Jason’s cheek then cupped it. Held it. “That’s never gonna change, boy.”

It wasn’t what Jason wanted to hear, but it was good enough. Besides, how many times had Terry said “I love you”? What did those three words really mean, anyway?


Shira said...

God I love those two! *big sloppy grin* Thanks for sharing this with us. -Shira

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! This is so good already! I can't wait for more! Love it. :D

I was just thinking the other day that this is something that fanfiction has spoiled me for. When we read fanfiction, we get used to regular updates and not having to wait until the whole thing is done. I'm so glad we get to read about Henry and Jason in bits, because I don't know if I could wait until it was all done to get more. XD

Thanks! :D

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Grace, I'm totally with you about being spoiled by fanfiction ;-) (Both as a reader and a writer...although it *is* nice to have professional editors! Hopefully I'll be able to get through this without too many glaring errors ;-)