Saturday, November 17

Two of my favorite actors...

Vincent D'Onofrio and Hugo Weaving


Okay, don't get me wrong, I adore Johnny Depp (and he's pretty dang versatile), but everybody knows who he is and what he can do. I want to spend a few minutes on guys who aren't on Hollywood's A list. 

I've talked about Vincent D'Onofrio before. But sometimes something is so good you have to talk about it (or him) more than once! See, Vincent D'Onofrio isn't the most gorgeous man in the world (although I wouldn't kick him out of bed just for eating crackers, either); he's not the sexiest. His roles aren't the "hottest". He's never been in a blockbuster movie. Or, rather, he has, but... well, he played the space cockroach in the Edgar suit and Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones got top billing (and deservedly so)--but where would they have been without the villain? 

Of course, Law and Order fans recognize D'Onofrio is the slightly off beat Bobby Goren (has it ever been confirmed that Bobby has asperger's syndrome? That's what it's always looked like to me, not that I'm really any kind of medical expert or anything). 

Anyway, the first time I blogged about D'Onofrio was after seeing The Velocity of Gary (not his real name), in which he played a bisexual porn actor.  Recently I saw another quirky movie with him in it Happy Accidents. You have to get all the way to the end to find out whether or not his character is insane or really from the future.  In The Cell he played serial killer Carl Stargher (as well as Stargher's interior alter egos). In Ed Wood he played Orson Welles. And in Mystic Pizza he plays a very ordinary guy who eventually gets the girl (who also happens to be one of my favorite actors Lili Taylor).

Hugo Weaving is a name you might not recognize. But if I say Agent Smith, from The Matrix Trilogy  and Elrod from The Lord or the Rings Trilogy, you'll probably know who I mean. He also played the role of (bisexual?) drag queen Anthony "Tick" Belrose aka Mitzi Del Bra in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, V in V for Vendetta, Johann Schmidt aka The Red Skull in Captain America, and Inspector Abberline in Wolfman. 

Weaving has dozens of other film credits to his name, but those are those first three (Smith, Elrod, and Tick/Mitzi) that always stick out in my mind, because seriously anybody who can pull of such diversity is an A list actor in my book, regardless of what Hollywood thinks! (And yes, I've read some of the controversy over some of Weaving's comments, but he sounds more honest than snarky, where as some of the people writing about him come across as down right nasty. I have no idea what the man is like as a human being, but he's a great actor).

What about you, got any favorite actors who aren't on Hollywood's A list?


Kitsa said...

You know my thoughts but I will have to add a few of my special ones, Christopher Heyerdahl, Peter Wingfield, Christopher Eccleston, and of course Craig Parker. Would add pics but you know I am rubbish at this blog thing.

H.B. Pattskyn said...

You're going to have get better at the blog thing when you get that book finished and published ;-) But I'm pretty awful when it comes to the technical stuff. And definitely, awesome actors, all!