Saturday, November 10

Happy Saturday!

I had an amazingly productive not quite two week vacation. I'm STILL plugging away on that WIP; on the upside, I know I'm not the only writer out there right now struggling with stuff. But, just to update, over the week, I was up to 104K, edited down to about 98K, and am back up to 101K words. Oy.  The final book will probably have a little over 100K. This, I think, is where my friend Stewart would start talking about economy of words, or lack thereof  ;-)  I have to admit, I'm not a very economical writer. If it seems important, I stick it in. I may edit it out later, but it makes the page at least for a little while.

So what's important? It's a tough call. Over my writing vacation, I also took the time to read a couple of books. I finished re-reading The Gumshoe, the Witch and the Virtual Corpse  because it had been years since I read it and I wanted to read the sequel Gorilla Gumshoe (highly recommended reads, by the way. Totally twisty turny, all over the place but in a good way plots...oh yeah and a hot gay male lead. Neither book is a romance by any stretch of the imagination, the gumshoe just happens to like men.)  Both books are by Keith Hartman.

I also read Bound and Determined by Alexa Snow and Jane Davitt. That one left me with mixed feelings. Don't misunderstand, it was a great story with great (if frustratingly tame) bdsm aspects and wonderful characters. All the really kinky stuff seemed to take place off-page, which after a while was really annoying. In fact, a LOT of things seemed to take place off page. Well, okay, maybe two or three scenes in the middle that I really noticed weren't there but felt like they should have been. If not for those "missing" scenes, it would have been a solid 4 star book, IMO. It's still a book I think I'll read again, but....

Here's where I'm having my own problems, deciding which bits are important enough to keep and which are fat that need to be trimmed and where can I be just slightly more economical in my use of words (but rest assured, I'll never write a book that reads like The Graduate!)

Which I guess makes this as good a place as any to ramble lightly about endings. I've had a few (understandable) grumbles about the ending of Bound. Basically, where were the missing chapters at the end? The problem I had was that those chapters were actually the start of another story. So what about an epilogue, you ask? Well...hmm. I can't say I hate them, I used an epilogue to tie up loose ends in my first novel. But see, there it fit. There was this scene that needed to happen and it took place a couple of months after "the end". There wasn't a corresponding scene in my head for Jason and Henry, just more story. Lots and lots more story.

I think sometimes epilogues work and sometimes they're that little bit too much. I recently (ish) read a really great book that was totally spoiled IMO by the sugar sweet epilogue in which we saw that everybody really did live truly happily ever after. It left absolutely NOTHING for the reader's imagination, the whole thing was spelled out for us in black and white. It And I'd rather have a few loose ends than a nicely presented package with a bow on top that's cheap and cheats me out of figuring out for myself what happens next.

Any thoughts?

My favorite movie of all time
The Subway
staring Christopher Lambert (with blond spiky hair!)
that guy from Godzilla and The Professional
and Isabelle Adjani (who definitely looks good 
dressed in black and dripping with diamonds)


Shira said...

It's really hard to chose a favorite movie! If I ignore all the oldies (because I have way too many favorites to mention that were made prior to 1960), I'd have to say it's "The Matrix." Heart-pounding action, incredible effects (well, for the time, they were!), and romance (okay, so Keanu is really easy on the eyes).

Great post, Helen! Have a great weekend! -Shira

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Keanu is DEFINITELY easy on the eyes! I love all three of the Matrix movies (and I still think the effects are pretty awesome!) they were movies that really made you think.

I first saw The Subway back in... '88 or '89, I think. It came out in 1985. And there's just something about it that has stuck with me. I've owned no less than three copies: a VHS copy that I hunted high and low for, a DVD copy that got misplaced and another one that I got to replace it.

I've only had one friend, one single solitary friend, who liked it. Other friends have "retaliated" although sometimes that backfires. When my friend Ryan brought over Plan 9 From Outer Space to get back at me, I kinda fell in love with that movie too! (But that should give some idea of how much other people haven't loved the Subway as much as me...then again, what was Ryan doing with Plan 9 to begin with.....hmmm...... ;-)