Saturday, October 13

Short and Sweet
Watch this. It's important.


I would have more to say today, but I got in late last night from spending a week up north (tip of the "thumb") recharging my batteries by a very chilly lake shore. (Okay, so freezing my tushy off is more like it!)

I didn't half the writing done I'd *hoped* to get done, but the first of those free stories I've been promising for Bound is almost ready... but won't go up until December. I know, I'm a tease  ;-)

I'm off, need to have a proper bath, (seeing as I didn't have hot running water all week--but it was a very small sacrifice for a week of absolute solitude, something this little introvert desperately needed), and getting ready for an AWESOME weekend of book signings!  I'll be at the Book Nook in Monroe today and....darn. I forgot where I have to be tomorrow.

BUT... I've also added a Haunted Tea at the Sweet Dreams Inn (see side panel for details) to my schedule and I'm so totally looking forward to it!

And of course over the weekend I'll be catching up on this week's episode of the Misfits! (From Logo, so really it's two years' ago's episode, but whatever.....*G*)

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