Friday, September 28

Another overhaul?

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Okay, so...
Another overhaul?

Not exactly. The topic of blogging (and blog traffic) has come up on a couple of the lists I'm on and it's got me thinking about the way I blog; the fact that the two guest bloggers I've had and my posting about Covered in Light have drawn almost as many hits as the blog hops I've done says something to. I'm just not sure what. See, when I started out, I blogged about any ol' thing and I thought it made my blog feel a little schizophrenic. But maybe I was wrong? Maybe people really care about what I think about Life, the Universe or anything? Or maybe variety really is just the spice of life.

I still really enjoy writing about writing and living the creative life (although lately I've been in a horrible slump. I know exactly what's causing the stress but there's not a whole lot to be done and that, of course, is adding stress. Sigh. Viscous cycle. I'm hoping that something will give soon, but some things are all about timing... but that's another story for another day. Or maybe not.)

So, the point is that I'm thinking it might be fun to spice things up a bit and try for two blog posts a week, my regular Wednesday blog where I'll host guests, blather on about writing, include a yummy recipe (or at least something interesting!) and a second post on Saturday where I'll talk about something fun. Or at least something I think is fun.

Kicking things off.... I was so totally blown away by Thursday's episode (on Logo, here in the US) of  The Misfits (series/season 2; episode 3, original air date 18 November, 2010--it's the one where Nathan comes onto Simon, but that isn't what's got me feeling so utterly blown over. For those who don't follow the show, neither Simon nor Nathan is gay, so it wasn't some cool m/m moment. What happens is that another guy uses his power to make Nathan momentarily infatuated with Simon basically because he's an asshole...oh wait, am I describing Nathan or the other guy? Let's face it, Nathan can be grating, but he has had some major redeeming moments, so I don't hate him, but it'll be interesting to see what happens later on in the show. I read that the actor who plays Nathan left after series three. I think I'll miss him, but the show will carry on; honestly there are characters I would miss more and not because of this week's Big Reveal. Looking objectively, I can see where they were setting up the identity of the Guy in Black, but I still wouldn't have predicted that. I figured the Guy in Black might be from the future, he knew way too much, but I thought for sure it was Curtis). 

I started watching The Misfits on the Internet last year and was hooked immediately. This is what would really happen if people started developing superpowers. It wouldn't just be the best and the brightest, the smartest, the most noble--or the most evil. A lot over very ordinary people would be affected, too, and most wouldn't have a clue about what to do with their new gifts. How would it really feel to suddenly be able to read your boyfriend's mind? Bliss? Or breakup? 

There's a question. If you could have any superpower (but only one, this isn't an RPG where God--or at least your Game Master--can be bribed with chocolate and Mountain Dew) what would it be? (Go ahead, leave a comment!)

I'd like to be able to fly (although it would be a challenge, I'm a sort of terrified of heights!) It's not just the cool flying dreams I have once in a while, if I could fly, I'd finally be able to get things down off the top shelf without having to call for my husband or my daughter! I could just levitate up.... yes, I know I could do that with super stretch power too, but somehow that one just creeps me right out.

Telekinesis would be kinda cool too. Imagine not having to get up to snag the remote up off the other sofa, or to grab the phone from the other room. With tk you could sit right where you were and just grab the required items with your mind. And I guess it would work for getting stuff off the top shelf...but at the end of the day, I'd still pick flying. Maybe it is those cool flying dreams after all... 

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