Friday, August 31

Special Announcement / Contest!

I was just taking a break from writing (something I do *way* too much of...the taking a break part), and skimming through my email, I discovered that:

  • September 1st, DSP authors are going to be featured on Love Romance Cafe (from 4-11 Eastern Standard Time)
  • September 2nd, historical romance is going to be featured on Love Romance Cafe

Now, you have to be a member of the group (it's a Yahoo! egroup) in order to join in the conversation... but you don't have to be a member of the group to take part in the contest that I decided to offer up at the very last minute for the occasion  ;-)

In honor of Sept. 2 being all about historicals, I'm offering up one copy of my first novel, Heart's Home (a Victorian era urban fantasy) to one winner (chosen at random) who leaves a comment below...but... you have to tell me what your favorite period in history is. You don't have to tell me why (although I'd love to know), and it doesn't have to be a period of history you'd like to live in, just the period you find most interesting.

  • I also hope you'll take a few minutes to poke around my website and maybe decide to subscribe and/or check back regularly (I update on Wednesdays with a post about something either writing or m/m related and always include a yummy recipe, from my own kitchen!) 
  • You might also notice a free read up at the top, called Encantado. (Oh look, she made it easy and put a link right in the text!)
  • Plus, see see that big spiffy button to your right, up near the top?! During the entire month of September, I'll be collecting names through Good Reads to give away TWO copies of my second novel, Bound: Forget Me Knot, which is due out on Sept. 24th. 


Yvette said...

My favorite time period is Victorian. First I like the dress that the women and men wore. ...Elegance..I also like the family unity. I don;t like that only men had rights.

IrukaChan said...

Favorite historical period = WWI and the 20s. War has always fascinated me with its effect on people (especially stories of triumph in adversity), and the subsequent extravagance and total excesses of the upper class made for some interesting times of change as well as superficial prettiness in the luxuries and clothing.

Anonymous said...

My favorite period in history is the Resistance. Gorgeous clothes (I guess as long as you only have to wear them on the weekends at the Ren Fair!).


Anonymous said...

If I could visit any time period, it would be the roaring 20's.