Wednesday, August 22

So I've been away for a while...

I took the last few of weeks off because life kind of exploded on me in a pretty nasty way. Things have settled back down and I'm back and intend to get back to posting every week. I'd actually intended to post something for this Wednesday, but somehow it crept up on me when I wasn't looking and oops, it's almost Thursday!  Sigh.

So, just a quick announcement:
I'll be participating in the Rainbow Book Reviews Blog hop, starting this weekend!!

I will be giving away TWO prizes.

Participants will have their choice of a signed copy of Heart's Home, OR a signed copy of Bound: Forget Me Knot (due out in Sept., so that prize will be delayed, but so worth it... if you like kinky romance!)

I have a couple of announcements regarding Ghosthunting, Michigan as well... but I'll save those for next Wed.

And yes, I promise a great recipe and lots of hunky guys to make the day better  ;-)

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