Sunday, June 17

Shameless Summer Give Away Winner!

First, I want to thank everybody who participated! This was a really fun Blog Hop  :)  

Many of you commented about cover of my book 
(which I agree, is gorgeous, I love-love-LOVE it). 
So here's the blog/web-home of my awesome cover artist,

Paul Richmond
Paul is an amazing artist, and I LOVE his work!

Okay, I know why you're REALLY here  :)
My Blog Hop Winner is...

from the Isle of Man

For all those who didn't win, remember, 
I'm participating in another blog hop
(or maybe that's this week, depending on how you look at the calendar)
I'm sure that everyone who loves m/m will love this one!

I'd also like to invite everybody back on Wednesday, because I have a very special "event" planned... I was lucky enough to get to read and review The Trust, by Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes, and I managed to sweet-talk Ms. Anthony into answering a few questions about their novel...

Okay, I probably didn't have to twist her arm TOO hard but still, 
it'll be my first ever interview on my blog!

The Trust will be released 
by Dreamspinner Press
on June 18
Click here for more details

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