Tuesday, June 26


I just wanted to thank everybody who stopped by during the Blog Hop!  I wish I'd been more active in this one, but I was fighting a deadline (I lost), and the pressure got to me a bit, so I went into anti-social mode for a few days.

But... I really, really, really appreciate everyone who came by and left comments and I can't wait to check out some of the suggestions! For everyone who commented about the cover of my book (it IS yummy, isn't it?), the thanks for the great art goes to Paul Richmond (if you scoot down two posts, you'll find his website info--please check it out, he's a great artist and a real sweetheart).

The winner of my give away is Manda! I've already contacted her and the book will be in the mail today, I just have to get to the post office.

Please consider stopping back by tomorrow for my regular Wednesday post! I've got an amazing recipe to share. In fact, it's what we're having for dinner tonight. My husband (a chef) does this killer Asian chicken with ginger and garlic and sesame... it is amazing (and it's been marinating since yesterday, because he didn't get home until late last night, so instead of being last night's dinner, as originally planned, it's going to be tonight's dinner...but the longer it soaks, the better it is! As Rachel Ray would say: Yum-o!)

So... what are my plans with that deadline that beat me? I have the most amazing publisher who pretty much told me "chin up, no worries, you'll get it done, just go work on something else for a while." Which is what I'm off to do today, because my next deadline is less than a month away... and I'm the one who suggested it! I'm working on a YA novel that started out its life as a fanfiction story, although by the time it got to that part of the story, most of the characters were OC (original characters) anyway. (So, no, it's not a Harry Potter fic with new names  ;-)  It's actually a Torchwood fic, but I'm thinking about making the Ianto character a yoga instructor and Jack... can't make him too much un-Jack like... maybe a Martial Arts instructor.  I'm thinking he and his partner met while teaching classes at the Y (YMCA) or something. What do you think, Torchwood fans, Ianto as "yoga boy"?  I think Jack would approve!

The original fic is almost 50K words--maybe about half of them are usable in the new version. Guess that means I'd better make myself another cup of coffee and get writing!! (Because of course, now that I've had a few days to relax, the "brick wall" that I felt like I was banging my head against with Daniel and Pasha has finally started to show a few cracks... seriously, the novel is at 74K, and only needs another maybe 5000 words to finish it!)

See y'all tomorrow for some Asian chicken, sexy male goodness, and.... some brilliant words about something (yeah, right!  ;-P  I know you guys come here for the sexy men and maybe the recipes.)

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