Sunday, May 20

Hop Against Homophobia, Day 4

When I first heard about this blog hop, I *almost* didn't sign up.  I don't like words like "against"; I don't like words that separate "us and them". I would rather be a part of a Blog Hop for Equality...

...but then I sat down and really thought about stories like Kenneth's and the young man from my own area who took his life, for the same reasons, last year. And all the kids getting kicked out of their homes, forced to live on the streets and do Gods know what in order to "survive" (because it isn't really surviving most of the time). I thought about the people in other countries who are beaten and jailed--legally--over their sexuality, their sexual identity.

I thought about all of the people who were imprisoned, institutionalized--executed--over their sexual orientation. 

And I decided that in this case, I could embrace the phrase "against homophobia" pretty damned easily. 

And then one of my fellow m/m authors posted something that made me smile. Apparently, someone, somewhere has come up with a new set of letters, that's more inclusive that LGBTQ--and one that nobody needs to wonder, "does the L come before the G, how do we arrange those again...?"

So here it is: Quiltbag.

Q for Queer/Questioning
U for Undecided/Unidentified
L for Lesbian
T for Transgendered & for Third Gendered
B for Bisexual
A for Asexual
G for Gay

Only, I'd like to propose an amendment. I'd like to make us QUILTBAGS.

S for Straight

(and yes, it is sort of amusing that straight ended up hot pink...I just went down the line of text color choices starting at the top...)

For those who don't know, I sew; I don't do a lot of quilting, but the image that the word quiltbags conjures up in my head is a tapestry of color, woven together (because quilt pieces are all attached to one another, and it doesn't work if something is missing or not stitched together tightly--you lose one piece, the whole thing is least until it's stitched back in). 

So that's the note I'd like to end the hop on. I hope it's a message of optimism; let's never, ever forget the people have died--who are dying. Let's work together to stop the bullying. To educate. To spread a message of inclusion, of compassion. Let's work together so that we don't loose any more children--any more adults. So that no one ever has to feel left out in the cold--so that no one has to be homeless, not over their sexual identity. Not over their sexual orientation. 

As my way of thanking visitors, I'm giving away a signed copy of my book, Heart's Home. To enter, just leave a comment below. I'll be choosing one winner from all of the entries tomorrow morning. 

As always, international entries welcome.

Thank you again for stopping by. Please head back to the main page for the hop and check out the blogs of all of the other amazing authors, reviewers, and supporters. There are some amazing stories being shared. I've never happier or more proud to be a part of a community as I am to be a part of this one. 



S said...

I love your post! It should be a fight for equality and adding straight into the list just puts everyone on an equal footing just like it should be.

burchills AT gmail DOT com

Ashley E said...

Thanks for sharing the QUILTBAG acronym. I heard it elsewhere and liked it (so much easier!), but never could figure out just what all those letters were for! I also like the additional S on the end. Just because us straight (and proud) people are supposedly "normal" doesn't mean we aren't part of that colorful quilt either.


Peggy said...

I love the acronym. Thanks for posting. The hop was great.

wulf said...

Thanks for participating in this hop. I'm enjoying all the great blog posts.


Erica Pike said...

Still catching up on the posts. Love the added S in QUILTBAGS ^.^