Wednesday, May 16

Happy Hunk Day!

Whew, what a week!  Those who follow me on Facebook already know that I've been typing my fingers off...and that while the first part of last week was fantastic, the latter half of the week...yeah. Not so much. But I have to go a little easy on myself, part of the issue has been that I desperately needed to edit out some deadwood... and then I had to do it again. And again. I am not one of those writers who can just write a rough draft from beginning to end, I have to go back and edit here and there as I go... the upside is that when I start revising, it's a slightly less painful process and doesn't tend to take as long.

So... being hopelessly behind on...well, everything, and being in the process of gearing up for the Blog Hop Against Homophobia, which starts tomorrow, I wanted to take today to highlight a few things that have troubled me over the past week--things that I think are worth sharing.

First up is something fairly personal. People can be mean and judgmental. Yeah, I know, hardly a revelation. But here's the scoop: it started out with some absolutely horrible mud slinging against the folks who set up the Hop Against Homophobia. And I admit it, I waded into the fray over at Fangs for the Fantasy, where it started. Mostly I don't like being lumped in with whoever caused this guy so much grief in the past. It wasn't *me*, I'd never even heard of him before. I get it that someone (or multiple someones) have been truly awful and that those people were writers of m/m fiction--presumably they were straight women. But that doesn't mean that all women who write m/m fiction are straight (I'm not), and it certainly doesn't mean that everyone who writes m/m fiction is homophobic, as per his assessment. (I'm still confused about how anyone who writes m/m fiction could be homophobic, but I wasn't around when whatever happened, happened, so I really can't judge except to say what I did: I doubt that the gay men who write m/m romance are homophobic and that I know for a fact that I am not homophobic).

Unfortunately, once we got to what felt like civilized dialogue, I was inexplicably put on moderation (i.e. my posts had to be approved) and the last comment from me seems not to have appeared on the thread. Or maybe it just got lost in cyberspace.

That wasn't the end of my lesson in "people can be mean"; I had been trying to set up an interview with a couple of actual acquaintances for the Hop, but the people I was talking to are just as busy as I am, and timing never worked out. Second best was to ask the folks at Yahoo Answers for help; people post little polls there all the time, so it hardly seemed like a big deal. Apparently it was. I got the usual b.s., one real answer, and some asshat who didn't think I had any right blogging about transgender issues and felt compelled to tell me so. Twice. (Reason: I'm not transgender, so I have no right trying to spread a little education about an issue that isn't mine personally.)

It was extremely disappointing.

And so was this, which isn't deeply personal, or at all related, but it still makes me angry:

The quick and dirty is that Undead Press are somebody nobody ever wants to write for. They're not listed on Predators and Editors...yet. I suspect it will only be a matter of time.

So, for the record: Yes publishers edit manuscripts. Yes, they sometimes even ask writers to make changes to content. No, they do NOT change the content for you. That's not what editing means.

And while we're talking unfair and downright wrong, the managers of Adele the singer are asking Google to pull posts by Adele Dubois the author over trademark infringement. As I understand it, Ms. Dubois' actual first name is Adele and she's older than Adele the singer (i.e. she had the ruddy name first). She's also not the only woman on the face of the planet to have the same first name Adele. So what, Sony expects every woman with the name Adele to run right out and change their names? Or are they just not allowed to have careers in the entertainment field? What the bleep is the world coming to, people?! It's a NAME. It's not even an uncommon one.

So on that note, I think we all need something warm and fluffy, 
because let me tell you stupid shit like this makes me want to hide under the blankets!
(Okay a guy like that to hide with might make me never want to come out...)

and something just a little less fluffy
(but he's no less gorgeous!)

and finally, a little love...

I'd like to mention that I found that last one here:

the image is certainly found in other places online, but that particular website is very relevant to my current WIP--and well worth sharing and checking out.

Today's recipe is one of simple indulgence--e
xactly the thing I needed after last week.

Chocolate pudding:
no box required

All you'll need is about a cup and a half of milk, a rounded tablespoon of baking chocolate (I use powdered) 2 rounded tablespoons of sugar, a level tablespoon of corn starch, and a half a teaspoon of vanilla. Unless you want to make it really rich, then you can add an egg yolk. (Not the white, just the yolk). 

Assemble everything into a sauce pan and whisk it up so it's all blended smooth. Put the pan on the stove, on low heat and stir continually until it thickens (five minutes, tops). 

Pour into a bowl. Eat and enjoy! 

I grew up eating this kind of pudding and was utterly amazed that none of my friends knew how to make pudding without going to the store and buying a box. 

Using the base recipe (everything except the cocoa), you can make any flavor of pudding you want. I've done cinnamon pudding, hazelnut pudding (skipping the sugar and adding hazelnut syrup, the kind they sell for coffee), chocolate hazelnut pudding, white chocolate pudding (using white chocolate chips--no sugar necessary for that one, either)... the possibilities are pretty much limitless. (One of my favorite combinations is chocolate covered bananas with white chocolate pudding--I slice up a banana, sprinkle on sugar and cocoa powder and pour the pudding over it. Yum!)

Please join me here tomorrow 
for the start of the 
Blog Hop Against Homophobia

Over 200 amazing authors, 
publishers, and supporters 
have signed up to show our 
support for Equal Rights
and to stand up
against homophobia.


H.B. Pattskyn said...

For three whole minutes I debated some of what I'd written, especially when it comes to the folks over at Fangs for the Fantasy...but the more I read this guys rants, the more I realized I regret nothing that I had to say on the matter.

I really don't think my final remarks got lost in cyberspace, I think they may have been too civil for someone who seems to prefer to be angry.

Not saying anger isn't justified, but simply have not seen the things this guy has.

B Snow said...

"and some asshat who didn't think I had any right blogging about transgender issues and felt compelled to tell me so. Twice. (Reason: I'm not transgender, so I have no right trying to spread a little education about an issue that isn't mine personally.)"

W.T.F.???!! This is why I should never read the internet. Stupid people make me mad.

I completely agree with you -- I don't know how M/M writers *can* be homophobes, unless you're really stretching the definition of "homophobe". As other people have said, let's save our ire for our REAL enemies.

H.B. Pattskyn said...

That was my reaction, B., all the way around.