Saturday, March 3

Something Witchy This Way Comes

No, really, I'm blogging about witchy stuff today!

Last weekend, I attended ConVocation, a yearly spirituality convention in Metro Detroit. I had a blast! Not only did I sell a bunch of stuff, but I was teaching and I actually got to attend workshops and rituals as well.

Which explains my general absence from life the past week! By Saturday night, I was running on pure adrenaline....and maybe a little magical willpower. But it was worth it. This was, for me, one of the best years ever. 

One of the things that happened, was that I got into a very brief conversation with a lady who bought a set of my herb infused runes (I think it was the artemsia set). Like me, she's a tarot reader. I regretted having taken out all of the tarot correspondences in definition sheets I made to go with my runes because it probably really would have helped her (although I'm sure she'll come up with some great correspondences all on her own!)

That got me thinking about the rune book I started writing last year. It went to the back, back, back, back burner when I picked up Katie Gerrard's book Odin's Gateways. In it, Katie says just about everything I want to in almost exactly the same way I'd like to say it, so instead of finishing my book, I started pointing people to her book, instead.

But.... that conversation about runes and tarot cards got me thinking. Maybe a book on tarot cards and runes together would be useful. I'm not saying there's a direct correlation between the two (there isn't), just that we as humans sometimes lump things together--and sometimes it works really beautifully.

So, the rune book has come back up to one of the middle burners, with a new title and a new purpose: Runes for Tarot Readers. I'm expecting to work on it this summer (yes, along with my long list of other projects) and have it available by ConVocation 2013. (I have already made the decision to self publish. Honest answer as to why why: I don't want to wait a year or more for it to come out, and there is no earthly reason why I can't hire a copy editor and do at least most of my own artwork).  

Okay, on that note, it's time for another cup of coffee and to get back to work!

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Steve said...

This is good...a member of my guild uses runes with her cards. I believe it is Kendra.