Sunday, March 25

Short Announcement--save money on romance!

I forgot to post this sooner...sorry! 
In celebration of their 1000th title being released, Dreamspinner Press is having a month of sales! 
Sales like this are a great time to try a new author, or even a new genre (and seriously, next week with anthologies on sale... guess what I'm gonig to be buying!)


Here's what's going on, for the next few weeks:

 March 28-April 3 - All short fiction (daydreams and nap-size dreams) will be discounted 20%.
April 4-10 - All eBook anthologies discounted 20%.
April 11-17 - All paperbacks will be discounted 20%.

This is the PERFECT time to go buy some books! (And seriously, I don't mean just me... of course I'd love it if you did buy my book, but there are SO many amazing authors on Dreampsinner, and I've the pleasure of spending the last couple of days here in New York with quite a few of them!)

I'm off to breakfast and goodbyes...I'll be updating soon, though. I'm staying in the city for a few days to visit friends.

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