Monday, February 13

The 3/50 Project

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The backbone of our local economy isn't Wal-Mart. 
It's not 7-Eleven. 
It isn't Barnes & Noble.
It isn't Amazon.

Yes, I shop there, too. 

Except for Wal-Mart, 
I do NOT shop there.
But that's a different soapbox.

The backbone of the local economy is...
you guessed it:
Local Businesses. 

In recent years, local businesses have really taken a hit, trying to compete not only with the huge chain stores, but with all of the online offerings, too. And yeah, I love to shop at 4 am wearing nothing but my fuzzy slippers and smile as much as the next guy, but there are a LOT of stores that I would miss if they suddenly weren't around any more. 

If we want to keep those stores around 
there's only one thing to do:
shop there!  

So, here's the challenge: pick a local, independent retailer and stop in. Say hi. Buy something. You don't have to break the bank, just treat yourself or someone you love to a little something special.

Then next week or next month, 
or whenever you have time and a few bucks to spare, 
go in and do it again

Repeat business is what keeps these guys afloat.
You'll be surprised by how much impact you'll have. 

I discovered the 3/50 project as I was getting my fish tank back up and running (a few years ago, we were hit with The Plague; we are finally Plague Free and I wanted some new stock. There are two local fish stores that I would be absolutely lost without--and one of them is definitely LGBT friendly! I plan to visit them as often as budget allows and to at least try there first before shopping online for supplies). 

I've already started doing most of my shopping for art supplies at the little shop down the street; not only are they interdependently owned, but would you believe their prices on most stuff are BETTER than at Michaels? How's that for sweet  ;-)

My next step is to find a good local, independent bookstore...

Happy shopping!

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