Tuesday, January 17

Turning 43 Today!

Yowzers, I'm getting old :D

A couple of years ago, this became my "new" theme song. 
Of course it was sort of replaced by that super amazing song by
Abney Park that I posted a while back...
but this was such an adorable vid that I had to share
(I also wanted something upbeat for today):

(The song is called "Extraordinary"
 and it's by Liz Phair)

To celebrate my birthday,
I'm doing a guest post on 
Clare London's Birthday Blog
(her birthday is in January, too!!)

*Thank you again for having me today*

Clare has graciously opened up her blog to guests once again this January; there are all kinds of awesome cool guests--so don't just read my story, check out what everyone else has to say too. One of my favorite entries (so far) is from Sara Madison (go figure, I love her writing!)

Anyway, for my guest spot, I decided to write a short story called Encantado. The premise has been kicking around my head for a while, ever since I read the story of the encantado, a creature from Brazilian folklore. (In other words, no, I did not fabricate were-dolphins out of thin air!)

I thought it would be a novel/novella, because I've struggled with writing short stories for so long, but I ended up enjoying the process (and the product) so much that I'm not only leaving it as is, but planning to write five or six more short stories along vaguely similar themes and self-publish them later in the year. (By vaguely similar, I mean that each of the stories will be m/m romance of one heat level or another, each will involve shape shifting or animal magic of some sort, and each of the animals will be "edge" animals, animals that are part of a distinctive ecological niche--and many of whom are critically endangered. Whatever I make off the project in therms of royalties will go to help further education and conservation of these truly remarkable and worth-saving animals. It truly breaks my heart that we've lost the baiji; we didn't have to.)

In the meantime, I'm almost wrapped up with the first half of the Ghost book, and I've pulled the BDSM novel out of the "bottom drawer" (no pun intended), to start polishing it up. It has a new title, compliments of my dear friend Kitsa (and "thank you" to fellow DSP author and all around lovely lady Tia Fielding, for pointing out that my second...third?...working title was already in use in the m/m world... sigh. Should've figured, it's a good title!) But I'm happy with the new title Heart in Knots... in fact, the title has inspired me to penning a new scene for the book.  :)  This book is a wild departure from Heart's Home,  in that it is contemporary, there is no paranormal aspect to it, and it is seriously kinky (but in the best way possible). I'm hoping to have more good news about its progress in the near future. Right now, the rough draft is pretty much complete, I just have to whip it into shape (pun intended that time) before submitting...maybe I'd better quiet with the double entandre (sp??) while I'm ahead! (Spell check doesn't know how to fix that, it just tells me its misspelled).

Please remember that I'll be at Epic ConFusion this weekend (YIKES! is it this weekend already?) in Troy, MI--if anyone is planning on being there too, I hope you'll stop into the Dealer's Room and say "hi!"  I'll have copies of Heart's Home, some of my 2- and 3-D artwork, and a friendly smile! (I might even have chocolate...)

On the February 4th, I'll be at the Rust Belt Market, in Ferndale, MI, with my lovely partner (that's the one I do business with, not the one I'm married to!) where we will be selling our wares (which sounds much naughtier than it is!)

I'm also booked into the Rainbow Book Fair in New York along with a bunch of other awesome Dreamspinner Authors. I am so totally excited! (That's happening in March).

And.... in May, I'll be at Animazement in North Carolina, helping man (or woman?) the Dreamspinner table in the dealer's room (thanks again, Shira!!)

Yikes, I'm staring to feel like a real author here!  :P

And now... happy birthday, me, I have to go to the Secretary of State and renew my driving licence.... Fun, fun, fun...


Unknown said...

My daughter's birthday is today as well (she's 9), and I am currently reading your book from DSP---intriguing this far :) Happy Birthday!!


C. Zampa said...

And..yumm...love the sound of Encantado!
Enjoy your day!

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Thank you both!