Monday, December 19

Stuff Your Stockings Winners

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by my blog and entered to win a signed copy of Heart's Home and holiday ornament.
The response was so overwhelming that I have two announcements:

1) I decided to pull TWO winners instead of just one.
     the recipiants of books and ornaments are:
Eva (from Arizona)
              Kait (Germany)                         

I'll be getting your books and goodies
into the mail TOMORROW (Tuesday).

2) I have already signed up for the Valentine's Day Blog Hop!  I'll post a proper link as we get closer to Valentine's day. I will be offering up another chance to win a copy of Heart's Home (seems appropriate!) and another.... something. I'll come up with a good little something as we get a little closer. (Right now, I'm just trying to get through December!)

Last but not least, I copies of my book sitting in my living room; if anyone who didn't win would like to purchase a signed copy from me, drop me an email; you can use either one (but is the email I check daily. The other I only use for contests, resumes... official stuff.)

Please check the Events listing on the side panel for updates on contests, conventions I'm going to, and chats I'm doing...gosh, me, me, me, here I am one week a published author and already I sound like I'm full of myself! 


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Helen Pattskyn said...

Packages for this give away are mailed... I'm still waiting on the Torchwood stuff from Lulu for the first give away, but the instant I get them, I'll pop them in the mail!!