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Solistice Greetings

Solstice Greetings

I selected the above video, a song from Jennifer Berezan--whose music my lovely friend and teacher Bekki introduced me to last year--because it conveys in simplest terms my desire for the coming solar year, for the world:

My wish is simple, yet complicated:
freedom, love, hope and prosperity for all beings, everywhere.

I woke this morning without the alarm at 5am, and went about my usual morning routine for the first couple of hours--I even put in about five hundred words an yet another new WIP--I spent the weekend reading when I should have been writing and I emerged with a few ideas, for turning the usual tropes of BDSM romance upside down. Eventually, I'll tell you all about it...but not today.

Today, although I have some much-needed work planned, is for the Sun. When I noticed the sky turning from black to grey, I gathered up my candles put on my favorite solstice song...

...and spoke the words I speak every year from memory. I do have them written down, but after 20 some years of practice, I know what I want to say and how the words come out isn't nearly as important as what is in the heart of the speaker.

Fire for the Light of the Sun
Fire for the Love of the Gods
Fire for Light in the world
Fire for Love in the world
Fire for Understanding between peoples
Fire for Peace between nations
Fire for Healing...physical...spiritual...emotional...
Fire for Equality...human equality...marriage equality...
Fire for Joy
Fire for the protection of those I love
Fire to light the way toward a world where hatred and mistrust no longer exist
Fire to give thanks for all those who have touched my life, my friends, my family, my teachers
Fire for those who have no voice
Fire for all the little kindnesses from strangers
Fire for the healing and health of those whom I hold dear
Fire to light my own way, to help me find the right road (for me) as a witch, a writer, a teacher and a priestess... finding the right job would really help, too!
Fire for forgiveness, because it's the first step toward healing old (and not so old) wounds, the first step toward real love, toward just plain being the person I want to be
Fire for personal growth
Fire for success, for my book, my art...

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year. Here after the days will begin to get (slowly) longer. That is why we say the sun is reborn at Yule. The lights most of us put on our holiday trees are a reminder that in the darkness light is born. Like the evergreen tree (or its modern day plastic facsimile), the lights are a Pagan in origin. In the past, it was believed that the sun needed energy to grow strong; when we lit candles, we gave it the energy it needed. Our light lights the sun; the sun's light lights us. It is a cycle of the best kind, where we give love strenght to our Gods and They in turn give love and strength to us. So this morning, I lit candles to strengthen the sun, and to strengthen my connection to my Gods--to strengthen my own life.

(yes, my personal shrine is just as eclectic as I am!)

I'm an Egyptian baby at heart, so on Solstice Morning, it seems only right to me to give praise to Isis, Osiris, the dying and resurrecting God of the Black Land, and to Horus, the living Osiris, the rising Sun--who have now moved from their former home on a much neglected shrine in the living room to the my office. The rest of my Egyptian shrine will be moving soon, too.

Of course, I'm also a Witch and a Shamanic student.
None of these things is mutually exclusive.
As a solitary practitioner, I am able to blend and balance a practice that works "just right" for me.

I could not have asked for a more perfect, beautiful Solstice morning; the sun is coming up outside my window and is truly a beautiful, golden light, promising a bright new year (if I weren't feeling a bit skritchy in the throat and one of my coworkers yesterday confessed to being a bit under the weather, so I may have picked up a few germs and I don't need to get sick, so I'm staying inside where it's warm.) 

As the music died down, along with my candles, the sun rose higher and birds began  to chirp and twitter outside my winow. I remembered the story of the Robin and the Wren, how the Robin, the King of Summer, slays the Wren, Winter's Lord, on Solstice morning... and I'm glad that in contemporary Solstice festivities such slayings are purely symbolic! I rather like wrens... and seriously, who wants a bunch of neighborhood brats showing up on their doorstep with a dead bird begging for pennies to "bury the wren"? I much prefer the tradition of wassailing, decorating the tree and lighting candles!

Now, it's time for a nice Solstice breakfast (I'm thinking eggs and mushrooms...) then maybe I'll get the kid up so we can open gifts (yes, being Pagan does mean that many less shopping days til that big December holiday!) and then it's time to settle into work....

Happy Winter Solstice!!
(and if you happen to be on the other side of the world, Happy Summer Solstice!)

May this season of Joy
Kindle the Fire of
Love in your hearts
Regardless of your
Path or

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