Sunday, December 11

Heart's Home Pre Publication Winners!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the
Heart's Home pre-publication Give Away

What a great way to kick off the holiday season! I love gifts.
I love getting them (who doesn't??),
but I really like giving them, too.
So for me, this is a really, really great way to start off one of
my favorite holiday seasons.

See, Christmas itself might not be my holiday (newsflash, I'm Pagan! Just in case you hadn't figured that out all on your own...) anyway, even though Christmas isn't my holiday on a deep and personal level, I have always loved this time of year. Yes, the days are getting SOOO short, but that's okay, because pretty soon, they'll be getting long again. We call it Mid-Winter for a reason. It's the middle of winter; winter is now officially on its way out (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, then, sorry, for you winter is on it's way...sigh. It's a cycle).

I love putting up the tree (a very Pagan thing symbol), putting the Nutcracker into the DVD player (it's the same version they used to play on PBS when I was a kid, with Mikhail Baryshnikov) and because I'm a little bit twisted, dragging out the H.P. Lovecraft inspired carols (those of you who are my Facebook friends have probably seen the ones I've posted.)

And honestly, when a total stranger wishes me a Merry Christmas, I wish them one right back. So what if it isn't my holiday? It's the thought that counts.

* * *

Take note of the "December Events" that has been added to the side panel...
there's lots of information there that just might be important...

* * *

By now everyone who entered the pre-publication drawing should have received their Holiday Card (except for the one person who neglected to send me her snail mail... you know who you are. Your name went into the hat anyway... hopefully you've seen your email by now.)

And the Give Away Winners are:

2nd place:
Megan, Debbie, and J.W.
will get a paperback copy of The Bonny Welshman & the Ossuary,
with a couple of never before seen short stories

1st place:
Lynn and Kitsa
will receive that plus a copy of Heart's Home...

Please remember that I'm at the mercy of Lulu and my publisher, respectively
but as soon as I get copies of the books in my hand to sign and mail, I'll get them out to you!

If you didn't win and would like a second chance at a copy of Heart's Home, check out the
Blog Hop
"Stuff Your Stockings"
Give Away

I'm giving away ONE signed copy of
Heart's Home and a nifty tree ornament, made by yours truly!
(the link will stay up in a side panel until the 18th)

The rules are the same:
STARTING on December 16,
send me your name and snail mail addy to
with something in the subject line about the
Blog Hop Give Away
On the 19th,
I'll draw names out of a hat
and announce the winners here.

And don't forget that I'm only one of
195 participating authors!

Check out all of their blogs, too, for chances to win all kinds of cool stuff!

If this one is a success for me (i.e., I get lots of people vying for copies of my book),
I might get in on the Valentine's Day Blog Hop Give Away, too.

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